Aqua Beads Duo Compact Bead Modelling Craft Set £12.50 @ The Entertainer Ebay Outlet

The Entertainer, otherwise known as The Toyshop, currently has an Aqua Beads Duo Compact Bead Modelling Craft Set on offer at £12.50 instead of £25.

These look like a good bit of crafting fun, actually. If the ad for it is to be believed, you can create any designs you like, drop your chosen beads into place using the 'plopper', and then squirt some water on them and wah-la, you have a … whatever it was you designed.

The set comes with 1100 Aqua Beads modelling beads, and 2 star-shaped storage cases. You'll get a layout tray, a bead plopper and grabber, four template sheets, water sprayer and instructions.

So what are you going to make from these beads?

Place mats, perhaps, or jewellery. Or pictures. Anything young imaginations can imagine, really.

These are new and boxed, delivery is free and it should arrive within six days or so.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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  • sam33
    Also on amazon for £9 and £1 delivery x

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