Apple-Shaped Memo Pad £1.54(ish) @ DealExtreme

apple Funky deal Friday? Work with me on this before you think I've totally lost the plot!

Now, I get through a TON of post-it notes, they are uninspiring, boring and cost a fortune.  I'd much rather have this amazing apple on my desk, in the kitchen or by the phone - it would make me smile every time I looked at or used it and I'm all for grabbing slices of happiness whenever I can!

appleLargeThere are 150 pages and it is HUGE, it also comes with it's own apple 'net' thingy which I think is really cute.  I showed it to my kids and they all agreed that it's VERY cool (and could they have one please!).

OK so it might not be your cup of tea but I can guarantee I'm not the only one out here in the big wide world who wouldn't go mad for this - 'an apple for the teacher' perhaps when it comes to those dreaded end-of-term gifts; this is the sort of thing that is ideal things for the emergency pressie drawer.

pearYou don't like red apples...?  No problem....there's a pear one too! I am utterly in love with these and have ordered 2 of each, which is 600 note pages for about £6!

I've stated the price as ISH because we are at the mercy of the US dollar to our Great British pound exchange rate, but working on an average rate of $1.50 to £1 (do you remember when we used to get two dollars to the pound!) it works out at about £1.54(ish!).  Airmail is FREE so you're only going to pay for your apples and pears.

I can't WAIT to have these sitting on my desk - I'm sure it's not right to be quite so excited about these, but I AM!

Thanks to Primalfear over at HUKD!

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  • Tim
    Sorry but I ordered one of these late last year and I can't really call it praiseworthy. Starting from the're right, the net does look cool. The apple, it comes packed flat like a normal note pad, then you have to open it around, making sure that the pages are spread out to make the whole thing balanced, then you paperclip the front and back pages so it holds it's position. The end result is a relatively unbalanced, but still rather cool-looking apple. Once you've got it setup, it's time to start making notes... The leaves are quite well attached, meaning that if you wanted to write a new note you couldn't simply pull out a note with a quick wrist-flick (especially bearing in mind the lack of stability of the apple in the first place). I end up lifting the whole thing up, pulling out a few leaves and then putting it back into position. The notes are really too small to get enough information on. With my handwriting I get a phone number with a name on, but anything more becomes difficult, and the shape of the note itself makes life a little more awkward. Overall I really love the novelty idea behind it, and I still keep it on my desk just to look nice. From a practical point of view though, well, it's not really practical. I ended up sticking to standard post-its and notepads from Staples.

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