Up To 50% Off ELC Arts And Crafts Bits And Pieces @ Amazon

Amazon are having a bit of a sale on Early Learning Centre arts and crafts bits and pieces - there are 75 individual items included in the sale and plenty of them have, or are close to having, 50% off their full retail price.

The thing with arty bits and pieces is that they often need replacing - paints and felt tipped pens run out, pencils get broken so you are forever sharpening them (which is pointless because the 'lead' inside has been shattered into a million pieces from being dropped on the floor), paper gets used and scissors (at least in my house) have the disappearing skills of Houdini!

Taking advantage of arts and crafts sales, like this, makes sound economic sense - especially when you can have everything delivered for free.

Pens, pencils, paints, paper, chalks and chalk boards are included in the Early Learning Centre arts and crafts sale, along with painting aprons (in both red and blue for boys and girls) and scissors for the right-handed masses and the minority 'lefties'.

Some things are selling out quite quickly, so if you have plenty of things to stock up on then I suggest you go over to Amazon sooner rather than later.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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