24 Crayola Pencils £1.40 @ M&S

24 Crayola Pencils £1.40 @ M&S

M&S has a sale on Crayola Pencils which they're selling for £1.40 instead of £4.

I don't know about you, -  and quite frankly, if you have an answer, leave it in the comments below, please! - but in our house, there are never pencils. They are always missing and everywhere other than where they should be. I've tried having a pencil box, a dedicated tub, a general area, and nothing works. So whenever we want to have some colouring time, I end up first having to search for colouring implements and it drives me nuts. The only alternative seems to be to have a huge amount of pencils... which at this price you can afford.

These Crayola coloured pencils come pre-sharpened and ready to go. They give a smooth, intense colour and are made from a high quality smooth grained wood for easy sharpening and less breakage.

They are suitable from 3 years and up and have five star reviews from M&S customers.

Thanks to khye_shayela at HUKD


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