15 000 Hama Beads £9.19 @ Argos

If you're into all things hama beads, or rather, if your child is into all things hama beads then you should get yourself over to Argos and pick them up a huge jar of 15 000 beads - I'm sure they already have lots and lots of them, and I'm equally sure they'll be of the opinion they can never have enough!

You know, I'd quite like to have a play around with hama beads.  They're the sort of thing I'd have loved when I was little; my daughter would have also enjoyed making things with them, it's a shame she'll be 18 this year and wouldn't really appreciate being bought hama beads as a present just so I could have a 'go' with them.

If you've not come across hama beads before then you may wonder what on earth you do with them, let me tell you: you make patterns or pictures with them, either freestyle or using hama bead peg boards, then you iron them!  You don't iron them flat, the heat causes the beads to stick together.

You can make decorations with them, you can make pictures with them, and large place mats or little coasters - in fact, pretty much anything your imagination can come up with.

You can't arrange to collect your hama beads from your local Argos store, as they're only available for home delivery, but at least it's free home delivery.

Thanks to eddcase at HUKD  

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