12-Block Artist Watercolour Set £2.90 @ Amazon

12-Block Artist Watercolour Set £2.90 @ Amazon

Amazon is selling a 12 block artist watercolour set from Major Brushes for £2.90 instead of £7.50 including free delivery. That’s a fantastic 61% saving.

Paints in kids craft projects can be so hit and miss, it’s not funny. We recently tried an ‘art set’ which was lovely, apart from the brush and paints which were so rubbish we had to use our regular paints instead. I’ve learned now to make sure we have normal paints to hand, because the ones that come in these ‘sets’ are often a real disappointment.

This watercolour set from Major Brushes seems to be something pretty decent to have on hand though. It comes in a convenient tablet size, and has twelve colours. It’s ideal for use indoors our outdoors due, I suppose, to its contained packaging.

The paints are pure finely-ground pigment, if that means anything to you, and apparently they give beautiful transparent effects.  Reviewers say the colours are vibrant and the brush is good (although another mentioned that there was no brush included), and that the paint lasts for ages.  Overall, the reviews of it are great, and at this price, it’s a fantastic product.

With thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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