1000 Things To Make And Do Activity Book £6.99 @ The Book People

The Book People are selling this 1000 Things To Make And Do activity book for £6.99, rather than its list price of £20.

So, day three of the Easter holidays - how's it going? I have to say, that whilst having teenagers in the house is not a lot of fun a lot some of the time they are rather good at entertaining themselves during the school holidays - I say entertaining themselves, what I really mean is sleeping for 20 hours of every day.

Younger children, however, are like little tornadoes of energy combined with the attention span of gnats and keeping them occupied for two entire weeks can be a challenge.

The weather isn't reliable and now that the kids are off school it's turned just a tad chilly (typical) so messing around in the garden for hours isn't really an option; going out is just hellishly expensive and there's only so much babysitting your TV should do.

The solution, then, could lie in this 1000 Things To Make And Do book.  It's jam packed full of little projects that can be done at home - painting, drawing, cutting, sticking or whatever takes your fancy.

Reviews are good, here's just one of them...

"I bought this for my 5 year old for Christmas and it has to have been the best purchase I made. She spends hours leafing through, oohing and aahing at all the suggestions. She makes four or five things a week from here and it has saved us on a lot of cold, wet miserable days since Christmas. I can see her getting a lot of mileage out of this so it was worth every penny. Highly recommended and I'll buy more copies for her friend's birthdays."

If this is all you buy from The Book People then a £1.95 single item delivery charge will apply.

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