10 Easy Step By Step Face Painting Idea

Face Paint Ideas About a year ago, someone bought my kids a face painting kit, and I may have audibly groaned. I put it in the toy cupboard and every now and again, my girls will come across it and ask me to paint their faces. I try to be more of a 'yes' mum than a 'no' mum when it comes to them asking me to spend time with them (I don't always succeed!) but honestly, I suck at face painting. Painting in general actually, but face painting specifically.

The best solution to these problems of course, is turning to Google, which is where I found 10 easy - ish - face painting ideas that even I could possibly get away with. Add a few accessories, and my kids may just want to go out in public with their fancy dress next weekend.

TOPICS:   Crafting for Kids

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