Kinder Valley Moses Basket, Folding Stand and Nursing Pillow £20 @ Asda George (Expired)

Moses Basket, Folding Stand & Pillow £20

EDIT: Now out of stock

If you're looking for a Moses Basket for a newborn this new offer from Asda is a real bargain, as you can get a Kinder Valley Moses Basket, plus a Folding Stand and a Nursing Pillow as well for just £20 (was £40).

The moses basket is hand made, includes a padded surround, a water resistant and breathable mattress, and an adjustable hood. It comes with a pine wood folding stand, and a curved nursing pillow to match the 'snow leopard' design of the basket.

If you already have a nursing pillow then there is also this Little Rocker Moses Basket and Folding Stand* that is just £30!

Click and collect is not available on these items, but home delivery costs just £2.95.

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  • Jennifer C.

    Aw thanks....I've been buying like crazy and got our Moses basket a few weeks ago :grin::thumbsup_tone2:

  • Jess K.

    That looks really nice as well xx

  • Laura A.

    It’s nice isn’t it We’ve got one now :heart_eyes:

  • Daisy D.

    actually a bargain. Do you need this? I could so buy this.

  • Emily P.

    That’s a good price too :flushed::heart_eyes:

  • Emily P.

    My friend was going to lend me hers but I like that this comes with a pillow support too and I love the design so going to buy it now :grin: x

  • Emily P.

    Oh it’s out of stock :weary::weary:

  • Allie B.

    I'm really tempted to get it.... it's a proper bargain xx

  • Joanne C.

    Do it. For £20 why not. If you don't want it in the house I'm sure someone else can store it for you xx

  • Kirsty D.

    , get what u can when u like it and see it on offer.. best thing I ever did. Was so prepared.. I kept everything at mine apart from my pram..

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