Half Price Online Baby & Nursery Clearance @ Tesco Direct

Baby & Nursery Clearance @ Tesco Direct

Today Tesco Direct have added more to their online closing down clearance, with a new Baby & Nursery Clearance! There's half price on a selection of moses baskets, bedding, baby sleeping bags, and lots more nursery essentials, and like the other clearances we think these are going to sell out today!

Grab these quick before they go:

Click and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs from £3.

When is Tesco Direct closing down?

The Tesco Direct website will be closing on 9th July 2018, with only selected non-food products still being sold in stores and via Tesco Groceries online.


  • Bethany C.

    Ooo I’ll keep an eye out x

  • Becci W.

    I'll have a nosey but think we're sorted xx

  • Kelly B.

    Thanks for this gonna have to order some things for definite

  • Leeanne M.

    Thanks I'll have a look :grin: xx

  • Vikki H.

    Omg really! I’m gunna look on me break z

  • Elizabeth P.

    Need to have a look! Thanks x

  • Lucy C.

    I have a moses basket already but will check out other items! :grin: thanks xx

  • Nat S.

    Yes. Bargain for 17.50 and exactly same as mine x

  • Megan M.

    Most of them look like that :joy: its not just the moses basket, tesco direct are closing so have a massove sale on everything! Worth a look for baby bits!

  • Megan M.

    The noah pod is a bargain!!!

  • Fae S.

    :raised_hands: I'll have a little look x

  • Vikki H.

    Awww I’m gunna have a look xxx

  • Natasha M.

    I made a mistake clicking on the link...I want it all :joy:

  • Claire M.

    That's actually really cute :heart_eyes:

  • Kate S.

    Thank you! I’ll have a nosey. X

  • Michelle G.

    Thanks for reminding me I seen something about Tesco clearance last night and forgot to look :smiley::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Sarah S.

    Was just wondering if they were gonna do something like this!!

  • Shanna M.

    They’ve got blankets n that on sale aswell xx

  • Gillian H.

    There’s loads of baby stuff have a nosy x

  • Lauren E.

    I sure am but trying not to buy too much cos I’ve bought loads of baby stuff already ! Lol

  • Rachael C.

    That’s so cheap but I literally think she has everything x

  • Naomi J.

    Ooooh :ok_hand_tone4: Thanks hunny x

  • Faye C.

    Ooh thanks I’ll have a look

  • Leeanne G.

    Some of the other sale stuffs good too :grin: xx

  • Lydia M.

    Thanks Hun!! But I’m all done nursery all done and kitted out!! Not long now xxxxx

  • Victoria M.

    Oooh will take a look!! Thank you xx

  • Kirsty M.

    I will go online and have a wee look! :blush::thumbsup_tone2: xxx

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