Devonshire Cot Bed £65.54 @ Kiddicare

Devonshire Cot Bed £65.54 @ Kiddicare

If you're after a decent cot bed for a decent price then you should head over to Kiddicare and take a look at the Devonshire cot bed they currently have on offer - its usual price is £159.99, you can pick one up for £65.54 (you'll need to enter the code MORRISONS to your basket to bring the published price down to that).

I am a huge fan of cot beds, all three of my children had cot beds, they just make perfect sense to me.  For the very first few months they all slept in a moses basket that we put IN the cot when they slept during the day so the sounds and smells of their room became familiar.

By the time they outgrew the basket being in the cot was already familiar - no upsetting transition phase.  The same again when it was time to take the sides off - it was still their cot but now it was also a 'grown-up' bed and far less intimidating than going into a BIG single bed; again, no upsetting transition phase.

It also means that you're not having to shell out for a standard cot and then a large bed all within the first 18 months as the cotbed will see them through at least the first 4 years.

The Devonshire cot bed has a three position mattress base - it doesn't come with a mattress though, you'll need to buy one of those that measures 140cm x 70cm.

Next day delivery is free as you've spent over £29.99 - don't forget to add the MORRISONS code to your basket before you check out.

Thanks to dmorison at HUKD


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