Tesco Skin Wisdom Day Spa Products Review

11 January 2011

Skinwisdom Just over half of mums want more me-time. I'm just guessing here, but I figure that really means that more than half of us just want to get some me-time, any at all!

This statistic comes from research undertaken for Tesco Your Beauty. It found that 53% of women just want some more me-time in their hectic lives and 36% of women would love some expert advice to get the best out of their bathing and beauty routines.

So with that in mind, the store came up with its Skin Wisdom Day Spa range. This has been, according to Tesco, created in collaboration with three of the UK’s leading spas and inspired by what professional therapists use during treatments. Tesco are even giving the range its own website, with beauty tips, which we've linked to here. But you'll just need to keep an eye on the site for now, it hasn't gone active yet. The products however have been available in stores since November of last year.

Which has given our parent panel a little while to try them out, and see just what the products are like.

Personally I'm intrigued. Spa treatments are always nice, even if it is just to get a chance to smell something other than baby rice and nappy rash cream for a change. Usually the stuff costs more than a week's supply of nappies though! However, all except one of these from Tesco's Skin Wisdom Day Spa range cost less than a fiver - the most expensive being £5.95. So that's one point in its favour already.

skin wisdom rosePure Distress – Rose & Geranium

  • Shower and Bath Gel - £3.97
  • Bath and Body Oil - £5.95
  • Hand and Body Lotion - £3.97

Mum of five lively lads, Teresa, tried out the hand and body lotion. "I am not a fan of rose smelling lotions and potions as they are usually relegated to grannies and people who wear cardigans on their shoulders, but this is rather nice. The geranium neatly offsets the rose so it isn’t too overpowering."

Skinwisdom roseLuckily for Teresa then she found that the cream is not too pungent. "You won’t put this on and then forgo perfume as the scent soon settles into your skin and offers just a gentle whiff every now and again." She used it as a hand lotion mostly because she liked the fact that it was non-greasy, sank in quickly and left her hands feeling nice and moisturised. "I didn’t feel like I was being de-stressed massively, though, but I am not feeling particularly stressed either so perhaps that is the scent working out." Well with five boys I think I'd be feeling stressed, but clearly Teresa is made of hardier stuff.  Her overall verdict was that it as nice and soft, not greasy and easy on the nose.

Truly Relaxing – Warm Cinnamon & Fig

  • Shower and Bath Gel - £3.97
  • Body Butter - £4.97

skin wisdom cinnamon and figMum of one year old Milo, Juno found the Shower and Bath Gel wonderful. "I just soaked and soaked to be honest. The smell! I would never have picked it out as fig isn't a scent I would have thought was appealing."

She did find that the scent on the body butter was too much. "It isn't something I'd like to carry around with me all day. The body butter didn't really absorb into my skin that much, and I found it harder to put on than my usual stuff. "

Very Enriched – Vanilla & Neroli

  • Shower and Bath Gel - £3.97
  • Wash & Scrub - £3.97
  • Body Crème - £4.97

skinwisdom very enrichedThese products were more to our tester Teresa's liking. "The vanilla and neroli shower and bath gel is just scrummy. I adore the scent of vanilla as it makes me think of yummy puddings and summer days." With one eye on her budget, she also liked how much use she could get out of the shower and bath gel. "You only need a teeeeeeny amount on your cloth/sponge/scrubbing device and it foams up beautifully. I loved the way my skin smelled afterwards too. Vanilla notes with gentle pops of neroli every now and again." She found it was a bit strong for use with perfume, though, so would recommend using the body crème after the shower to round off the scent and keep it lasting for longer.

skinwisdom vanilla"The vanilla and neroli body was tested on me and my mates. One said she adored it, another didn’t like the actual smell as she hates neroli but said that she didn’t think it overpowering and another said she would use it daily."  This is very enriched ultra rich body butter (those are the exact words on the tub) and Theresa agrees. "It is thick thick thick. It takes a while to absorb so be warned but you can almost HEAR your skin going “nom nom nom”. Still I think that paying nearly £5 for a tub is a bit much when it doesn’t quite have the quality of the body shop for example – there is an almost plasticky after smell that I can’t put my finger on." However, it isn’t excessively oily, doesn’t take ages to absorb and the smell is appealing.

Gentle Revive – Gingerlilly & Orange

  • Shower and Bath Gel – £3.97
  • Wash and Scrub – £3.97
  • Hand and Body Lotion - £3.97

skinwisdom gentle reviveMum of two girls, Caroline, felt like she was on holiday. "I love the scent of orange. It is just so gentle and uplifting. I could close my eyes and feel like I was transported somewhere warm, not in a bathtub in Woking!"

Caroline wasn't sure she'd ever heard of gingerlilly's before, but she liked the combination. "This just smelt sophisticated, and so different to anything I've come across outside of an actual spa." Yes, but what's it like to actually use? I was beginning to wonder if any of my testers cared that there were lotions and creams in those bottles, or if they just sat there with the lid off and the bottle under their nose sniffing!

"Totally hydrated. There's not a way to say it otherwise. I really did feel like my skin had soaked it all up. And smooth. Really deliciously smooth."

skin-wisdom wider rangeAnd Finally...

This range comes from three of the UK's top spas - PURE, Edinburgh; Kuno Tierra, Mayfair and Glow, Chester. I'm a little surprised it is being sold exclusively through Tesco in the UK! But that could give the range a much wider market.

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  • Lin H.
    When i feel like a treat i will splash out and buy a very expensive brand of bath and shower gel now no need gimger and orange bath and shower gel ezactly the same at a quarter of the price can't wait to try the others in the range thanks Tesco
  • wordfromthewise
    Are any of the Skin Wisdom products tested on animals? I won't buy them if they are.
  • Peaweat
    Are any of the Skin Wisdom products tested on animals? I won't buy them if they are.
    We can test them on you then ;P

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