Ten Item Accessories Lucky Bag £10 @ Claire's

15 April 2015

claires surp

How hard is it buying for pre-teens? Let me save you a heck of a lot of stress when looking for a birthday present. Get the Ten Item Accessories Lucky Bag from Claire's. Seriously, it'll be a surprise, which they will love and will contain all those little bits and bobs (some would call tat) that those young ladies seem to NEED. Each item is guaranteed to be worth more than a pound and in the past I have been pleasantly surprised at what I have received. It's normally a mixture of make-up, hair accessories, jewellery, wigs and more.

The Ten Item Accessories Lucky Bags can be used as party prices or even as party goody bags (obviously not if you have 30 or so attending!). You could of course buy one and split it up into ten goody bags.

The contents do vary and you can get an idea of what's in them by checking out the example photos. You aren't guaranteed to get any of the items on the photos but you do tend to get that sort of thing.

Click and Collect is £1.99 and home delivery is from £2.50.

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