PlayPennies Vosene Afterswim Giveaway: Win 1 of 50 full size bottles!


*** Comp now closed, winners contacted soon ***

Vosene have recently launched a new Afterswim Hair & Body Wash in their Vosene Families range of products. And they’re giving 50 full-size bottles away to our PlayPennies parents! The Vosene Afterswim hair and body wash is specially developed to wash chlorine, salt and other impurities clean away. If it smells as good as any of the other Vosene products, I can’t wait to try it out at the swimming pool.

The 200ml Vosene Afterswim Hair and Body Wash has an RRP of £2.54, and 50 PlayPennies winners will be getting a full-size bottle.

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below stating what you love / hate most about swimming
  • Subscribe to the PlayPennies email updates for a bonus entry
  • Tweet about this competition and leave your twitter link or username in a comment below for another competition entry

We’ll choose 50 random winners from the relevant comments.


  • 1 entry per household
  • Ends 1st September 2011
  • UK entrants only
  • Admin’s decisions are final in all cases

P.S. There’s also a giveaway on the Vosene website just now, they’re offering family theme park tickets. Or a competition to win a back to school treat worth £150. You might want to enter those too. :)


  • Sam
    Hate most is the smell left in your hair and the stickiness/dryness on skin. Need to wash everything twice! Love my girl splashing about in her armbands, jumping up and down on pool floor and trying to kick her legs! Age 2!
  • Maureen
    Love: kids get a fantastic workout and tires them out! Hate: the enormous appetite I get even after just a short while in the water - doesn't help with the dieting!
  • katherine g.
    I hate having to get dry afterwards in the tiny changing rooms!
  • Eileen P.
    I hate the getting dried afterwards lol
  • lucy o.
    i hate swimming! i hate the smell of chlorine and knowing that people have peed in the pool, i also have a fear os pools after i drowned in one when i was 11 :/
  • Di C.
    Love: neon orange swimming bags (or was that just in the 80s?) Hate: wrinkly fingertips!
  • Jo R.
    I love swimming with the kids but hate having to 3 kids dryed and dressed as they all want it done at the same time and it always ends in a arguement.
  • Di C.
    I've tweeted too! @superluckydi
  • sam h.
    i hate swimming... and i am a pisces!!
  • Leanne L.
    Swimming is great leaves you so refreshed and is fantastic exercise.
  • Hazel C.
    I don't mind splashing about in shorts and a vest at the seaside where I live, but I can't bring myself to brave a pool because I'm too self conscious to wear a swimming costume.
  • Hazel C.
    I have subscribed to emails x
  • kellieanne m.
    i hate that cringe moment when you climb out the pool and the water weighs down your bottoms!
  • Hazel C.
    following on twitter and tweeted @hlac1
  • Liz B.
    I hate hopping about trying to get shoes and socks on without putting my feet back down on the wet floor!
  • Liz B.
    Already subscribed to your email alerts
  • Liz B.
    Tweeted @missielizzieb
  • Jo Y.
    I love the feeling of freedom swimming underwater gives you but I hate smelling of chlorine!
  • Jo Y.
    I have subscribed to your emails :)
  • Jo Y.
    I have retweeted on Twitter - @BoostieBoo
  • zara
    I love the relaxation of the water around you but i hate comming out the pool and your hairs all wet and your all hot and sticky putting on your clothes! argh!
  • veronika p.
    it is the only time when in the swimming pool that I have a flat stomach !!!!
  • Matthew M.
    Love splashing about and messing around Hate the dried out hair after a swim.
  • Mi M.
    Love: sensation of floating and weightlessness Hate: Thinking about what else is in the water I've just swallowed!
  • tracey r.
    i hate getting water in my eyes tweeted as mrstracey1972
  • Kate C.
    I love the lightness of the water and lying on my back floating away from everything. I hate getting dried afterwards and I feel so tired.
  • Kate C.
    have tweeted @01592_katie
  • Sarahpem
    I love swimming with my 3 year old daughter, great for mother/daughter bonding. I hate going home with wet hair - very attractive... not!
  • helen h.
    I hate the fact (or do I love it really??)that I have to drive past a chip shop to get home and feel obliged to stop!!!!! I have subscribed to emails and following on twitter as picklepie35 and have tweeted about the comp :D
  • Lynne S.
    The thing I hate most is other peoples hair in the communal shower plugholes!
  • emmajane
    Love splashing about and messing around Hate the dried out hair after a swim
  • emmajane
    I’ve tweeted too! @emmajane2000
  • emmajane
    I have subscribed to emails x
  • nicola h.
    i had`nt been swimming for years until my son said he`d like to go whilst off for the summer holidays , i realy enjoyed it forgot what i was missing , car`nt belive it was years ago since last in the pool,it`s in my diary for our next session next week , FAB X
  • Sarah N.
    I hate all the messing around, trying to get 3 kids out of the shower, dressed and dried at the same time. I love the half hour while they are in their lesson, so I can have a cup of coffee and a natter with friends.
  • Laura G.
    What I love most about swimming is that you feel clean and fresh afterwards, as opposed to being all sweaty and red after a jog! On the other hand... my local pool is always a few degrees too cold (and of course the sea is even worse!)
  • Carolina J.
    I hate the chlorine!
  • Carolina J.
    I am subscribed to the PlayPennies email updates.
  • Carolina J.
    Tweeted! (@pandcands)
  • Laura G.
    Have also tweeted about the comp from @laurafoxgill x
  • Anna
    Love the tight and heavy leg feeling after a good swim, makes me walk funny :) Hate smelling of chlorine even after the shower
  • Sarah S.
    Love: jumping in ; ) Hate: getting out : ( Have also subscribed to email updates x
  • Kate S.
    I love the smiles on my kids faces when they are swimming! Makes all the fussing about well worth it!
  • Heather R.
    The smell of chlorine that lingers for hours....
  • Heather R.
    following on twitter and tweeted as luckyh678
  • Victoria
    Hate: Getting my hair wet in the swimming pool. Love: Swimming is a good form of exercise.
  • Jane M.
    I don't like the smell in my hair after swimming!
  • Jane M.
    Have also tweeted @sophiejanem
  • mazgoli
    Not keen on swimming myself, but absolutely loved last weekend when my husband took of our first Grandchild for her first ever visit to the swimming pool!
  • Christine B.
    I go swimming with my daughter & grandaughter each week and I always get that holiday feeling! Plus I add a bit of aerobic in the pool looking a bit silly at 60 but enjoying every moment!
  • Nikki O.
    LOVE - Splashing about with my hubby and little one, great family time we all love! HATE - Getting out when its cold, it makes us so grumpy it almost ruins the fun we just had!
  • mazgoli
    I am subscribed to the Playpennies email updates, and absolutely love them I have to say. I've taken advantage of loads of the bargains you've written about. Thanks very much.
  • Rachel W.
    I love watching the kids laughing and just having fun in the pool - it is great to see. The thing I dislike the most after swimming is getting out and changing with soaken wet hair!
  • Lisa M.
    I love swimming but when I do the front crawl I can only do the frogs leg type kick with my left leg which means I usually swim in a big circle. Oh dear!
  • Libcitral
    Love: Seeing my kids' confidence grow with every lesson. Hate: Getting two tired kids showered, dried and dressed while calming a very cross baby in super-echoey changing rooms - my ears ring for an hour afterwards.
  • gaja
    my son used to hate baths now he loves it and since he go swimming there is not problem with splashing, wet hair or fear of water. the only problem is when we have to leave. lol
  • louise e.
    Love the fun we have in the pool, seeing my children's faces as they jump in and splash about. Dislike getting dressed after (clothes never seem to go on quite right!).
  • louise e.
    Love the fun we have in the pool, seeing my children's faces as they jump in and splash about. Dislike getting dressed after (clothes never seem to go on quite right!). Twitter @mygorgeousboys
  • clare
    I hate getting out of the pool!!!
  • steve s.
    lovely thanx
  • jennifer t.
    I love the feeling of freedom when swimming, its a truly relaxing time
  • Amanda E.
    I love swimming because it is a great way to relax and get fit!
  • Stephen D.
    Looks good stuff..
  • rachelmi
    We love a long HOT shower after getting cold getting out the pool!
  • Diane
    Love - The freedom Hate - When getting dressed afterwards - Accidently stepping in a wet patch with socks on.
  • Paula g.
    My kids love splashing about and going down the slides. Going round the lazy river is fun. They love standing under showers afterwards getting nice & clean!
  • Elaine M.
    I love the me-time swimming gives me - just concentrating on moving and breathing and no other worries for a little while. I hate how I always end up with frizzy hair and panda eyes.
  • Lorrainep
    I love swimming in an almost empty swimming pool. I hate having to remember to bring the correct money to use in the lockers.
  • Katherine C.
    I love... the sight of my girls doggy paddle turning slowly into front crawl, week by week! I hate... having to freeze whilst I get the girls ready so they don't get cold!
  • claire g.
    LOVE: the freedom of moving in water HATE: the chlorine makes my eyes sting
  • Sarah M.
    LOVE- The joy on my little one's face when she is splashing around in the water. HATE- People without children using the family cubicles in the changing rooms! We always end up waiting outside sopping wet and cold, as these cubicles have the baby changing units which we need and they don't!
  • t r.
    love swimming with the kids, but hate it when i get out, so cold as i get the kids ready first
  • Emma J.
    Hate: Getting out of a warm pool and going into a cold changing room. Also the smell of chlorine that lingers on your skin even after showering. Loves: Splashing around with the children
  • D.
    Would be great for the holiday suitcase :o)
  • Suzi H.
    I love taking the children swimming as it's something we can do as a family. I hate the thought that my highlights might turn green with the chlorine, lol. I'm subcribed to your email & following on Twitter @SuziHares
  • Andrea S.
    Love ~ playing with the children and having fun Hate ~ the initial "walk of shame" into the pool
  • Joanne L.
    Love the freedom of the water, hate getting dress while you are still slighty damp!
  • Nathan
    Love - Getting wet and the exercise Hate - Coming out like a wrinkled grandpa
  • flossey
    I love to watch my son swim he has been learning for 2 years and has only just got his 10 metres, i cried with pride.
  • Jo G.
    I love taking the kids swimming early in the morning on a cloudy day, the pool is warm but empty, and watching their confidence grow. I don't like getting my glasses wet, then I can't see what's going on!
  • Paula
    Love splashing around in the water with my children. Hate getting out because I feel soooo heavy!
  • julie
    Hate the smell of chlorine so this would be good to wash it away
  • mandy
    my kids love swimming especially the youngest one he swims like a fish and is only is 3 yrs old bless him he tries hard :)
  • Janet U.
    I love the look of achievement when the children get another swimming badge. The excitement and the exhaustion makes me proud.
  • barbara s.
    LOVE -- only love swimming if in sea or pool in hot country Hate -- getting out of the pool in winter when it is cold
  • angelina h.
    Love swimming with my children and seeing their faces. Hate shivering whist getting my youngest dressed.
  • Jennifer K.
    Live the feeling of the water & the kids faces, hate getting all the kids dressed after!!
  • Jennifer K.
    Have tweeted the competition @MrsD_Winchester x
  • annice b.
    Love wrapping my fluffy pink towel around me after getting out of the pool!! hate how my nail varnish chips off after a swim!
  • Lesley
    Yes,i love splasing around in the pool with the kids.
  • kendra F.
    swimming we love it
  • Helen W.
    Love when I get passed the "I'm too tired to do another length' stage and it suddenly becomes effortlessly easy! Hate what the chlorine does to my hair!
  • susan
    love to hear all the laughter from the kids in the pool. hate trying to find the locker after the swim, and the slippery floors.
  • Nicole
    Love to take grand daughter swimming.
  • Laura A.
    hate getting my eyes wet
  • Jen R.
    Anything that gets me in the water is worth a try!!
  • SarahB
    Love taking my 2 year old swimming but hate when he decides to climb out, run along the side and bomb into the water right next to the lifeguard...
  • Rachael G.
    Love that you are exercising, but having so much fun at the same time! Hate the chlorine.
  • lucy R.
    I love swimming with the kids but hate that when I jump in the water jumps out. (ha, ha).
  • lucy R.
    I have tweeted @lucyrobinson3
  • Karis B.
    Great competition :)
  • Julie S.
    Love swimming with the kids and our big labrador..oh yes our scooby doo loves to swim too
  • Angela W.
    Love this
  • Zoe
    Love how the kids enjoy swimming, they love going Hate the whole faffing around mayhem before and after swimming with the changing, it takes forever
  • Lisa S.
    love - how much exercise you can do and not even feel it hate - trying to go to the loo in a wet swimsuit
  • suzanne o.
    would love to win :)
  • Linda W.
    Love - Seeing my boy having fun splashing as much as he can. Hate- The smell of chlorine and washing his gorgeous curly locks while getting cold.
  • jennie j.
    love watching the kids play in the water - hate getting dressed and dry afterwards!
  • christina
    Great to take on hols too
  • Vivien B.
    Hate trying to get dryed and still feeling damp when putting on clothes
  • Julia
    Love - it helps my lungs and is one of the only forms of exersize I can manage with my asthma Hate - When water goes up your nose!!!
  • Sharon
    I hate the changing rooms in the swimming baths because the floors never look clean.
  • diane l.
    Hitting the cafe after a swim.
  • Gemma H.
    I hate me in a swimming costume.
  • jo t.
    love swimming with the kids good exercise but fun. tweeted @jodeanhead
  • gemma b.
    LOVE:- the exercise, the family fun hate:- wearing a swimming costume, itchy dry skin and dry hair from the chlorine, the smell of the chlorine
  • gemma b.
    have tweeted as @dorsetsgem :)
  • Margaret N.
    Hate what swimming does to my hair but would love to give this new Vosene a try.
  • Rebecca W.
    Hate trying to get dressed without getting my clothes wet! Argh makes me cringe! Love my little boy just loving the water!
  • martine l.
    i love the smell so fresh
  • Angie A.
    Great giveaway , hope i am Lucky
  • Julie T.
    This would be great for the kids after swimming.
  • Amelia K.
    I'd love to try this out ... x
  • claireanne t.
    keeping my fingers crossed xxx
  • Baldwin
    Love swimming because it keeps me fit and trim and it's not too demanding @baldwinh1
  • Tracey W.
    Its great that it does both hair and the body in one . would make a great holiday takeawy essential
  • Bernie
    Daughter a club swimmer so we would love to try out a product that would help out her hair
  • Gemma J.
    Great competition x
  • liza w.
    just started swimming again after not been able to for 2 years and would love to be able to use an all in one shampoo for body and hair makes the whole process for me much easier regards Liza
  • San B.
    Love - The exercise Hate - smell of chlorine
  • Darren M.
    Love this competition Hate having the smell of chlorine sticking to the kids!
  • Ailsa
    Love seeing my wee boy enjoying splashing about. I also find it a really relaxing way to exercise. Hate - tiny changing rooms
    love swimming go several times a week would love a product to help my hair.
  • Maggie
    My children love the water and are good swimmers which I am really pleased about because I could not swim until I was 22 and it took me a long time to have any confidence in the water.
  • Kirsten B.
    Thank you for this great competition @kibarthy
  • suzanne b.
    this is an old family favourite , great to see new products for my kids to it...the smell always brings memories of childhood back
  • Karen
    Love the thrill when the children achieve their goal or gain in confidence in the water. Hate tight, cramped changing facilities!
  • Karen
    I have subscribed for email updates x
  • Karen
    I am following on Twitter and have RT x @chocolateonemse
  • Alice
    I am determined to find swim more regularly. I used to be really good and take my daughter 3 times a week. Now we are down to once a fortnight. I love it when I get there too! Please enter me as this might spur me on.
  • Dawn C.
    Thanks for the giveaway x
  • Alexandra W.
    Hate getting out at local baths when it's freezing and the showers aren't working (again!)
  • simone l.
  • emma s.
    I hate getting my body out! I need to lose soem weight to get over this, easier said than done... but watching the children have fun makes this worthwhile in the end
  • Jacki
    Nothing worse than swimming hair! This'll be great for the kids!
  • Tracey S.
    Great idea...only one bottle to take to the pool!
  • JO J.
    Great giveaway, thank you.
  • sandra h.
    I love swimming but hate it in the winter as you never seem dry and have to go out into the cold
  • Rachel
    My little ones are swimming daft!!
  • Jamie M.
    I'd love to win, thanks for the chance :)
  • jemma p.
    we all love swimming its gr8 excercise
  • Lisa H.
    Hate getting out & especially getting dry but love doing laps and having fun in the pool :)
  • Margaret
    I hate the smell of the swimming pool but the kids don't care and they all love swimming.
  • Harpal K.
    great for holidays
  • ellen
    dont like it when its crowded
  • Solange
    Washing & drying my hair
  • Lynda S.
    Love swimming in the warmth, but don't enjoy useless showers afterwards which are just like a trickle
  • shelly s.
    I hate having to use the toilet because they are always wet and the floors are slippy
  • abigail E.
    I hate the feeling when my nose kinda aches/pops when I put my head under water but love seeing the kids being so active and happy in the pool, worth the nose thing @abigailedkins
  • Stephanie C.
    I hate it when you first get in and its freezing haha
  • christine
    Love swimming but hate what it does to my hair
  • Pat L.
    Having just taken up swimming again so I gan take my grandchildren, and I love that this gives them freedom and boost their confidence
  • Debbie
    My grandson aged 3 loves swimming...its great fun watching him and we all love a day at the pool
  • jemma w.
    love swimmimg, esp with the kids, just hate getting out!
  • Jan F.
    Love swimming, but hate it when you get all the children in the pool and one of them announces they need the loo!, hence all four have to get out and troop to the toilet.
  • Katie
    Hate trying to put your dry socks on when your feet keep getting wet on the changing room floor!
  • cathy
    would love to win this
  • Kerrie V.
    i love that you feel so light swimming! @kemo_2002
  • Kerrie V.
    subscribed @kemo_2002
  • Kerrie V.
    tweeted @kemo_2002
  • Sean
    i Dont like my eyes stinging :(
  • joanne
    we love the swimming, its just going out into the cold all damp after thats horrible
  • Rachel G.
    Anything new is popular with my girls so would definitely help get them in the shower after swimming
  • Lucy T.
    Love swimming but hate skanky changing rooms!
  • Pamela
    I would love to win this
  • Elizabeth T.
    Fantastic giveaway, My littlens love swimming (well learning to swin) :) xx
  • Bob C.
    Great idea for swimming
  • Sarah A.
    I hate swimming caps that the school make kids wear @littleboo_21
  • Sarah A.
    Subscribed to email updates @littleboo_21
  • Sarah A.
    Tweeted too @littleboo_21
  • Jules
    Wow my son does loads of swimming so this would be great!
  • Joanne B.
    I hate getting my hair wet - it takes so long to dry it & there are never straighteners lol x
  • renae
    my little girl and me go swimming every week - love Vosene products so this would be great to use on both of our hair :)
  • Caroline F.
    I LOVE how excited my little ones get in the pool and how good they are but i despair of the struggle to get a 2yr old and soon to be 1 yr old dry and changed after!! especially if the pool doesn't have enough family changing cubicles! Totally worth it for the whole families enjoyment though!
  • Caroline F.
    Have tweeted and following also @french_caroline
  • Lizzie B.
    Hate scuzzy changing rooms but love seeing my baby son's confidence grow with every swim.
  • matt
    great idea for swimming!
  • Rachel G.
    Love swimming - it's my favourite exercise, but hate it when the pool is crowded. @rg2625
  • Tanya B.
    I hate it when all your clothes stick to you where you are not fully dry (especially jeans) but love seeing the smiles on my kids faces when I say we are off swimming
  • Paul W.
    Good idea.
  • James H.
  • Sarah L.
    Love the weightless feeling of swimming, hate getting dressed afterwards in the freezing cold!
  • Sarah L.
    Have tweeted @scrumpy11
  • Louise D.
    Love swimming and feel really proud when I swim lengths with my girls 12 and 10.
  • Andy D.
    Love Swimming
  • muhammad e.
    love 2 win for my 4 year old
  • farrah k.
    lovely stuff love to win one
  • muhammad u.
    need one for my daughter
  • Hayley w.
    swimming is fab
  • Katarzyna
    Great giveaway
  • Kim m.
    loving this - hate after swimming hair!
  • Ruth
    Swumming is a fun and healthy experience for child and parent, in all weathers!!
  • Vikki
    would love to win as im going on holiday next month
  • Stuart S.
    Would love to try this as my son really hates water over his head, as he remembers that soap in the eyes really stings - the No Tears formula will really help with that - and save us a performance!
  • heidi w.
    love taking my children swimming, but hate the chlorine left in their hair afterwards
  • Katrina W.
    What i hate most about swimming is how it dries out your hair. I have also tweeted @kattykat81 and i have subscribed for email updates.
  • ANJU
    Ah Vosene, haven't seen any of this in years.
  • Liz
    I love the feeling of freedom I get when I'm swimming - it's a great way to clear your mind and relax, especially if you get the pool to yourself. I hate the way chlorine dries out my hair and skin, though, so some Vosene goodies would be awesome!
  • sharon h.
    would love to try this vosene kids.
  • Freda C.
    Vosene Kids Afterswim sounds just what I need to deal with my youngsters
  • Amy C.
    I love floating on the water but I hate the swimming baths changing rooms and trying to get dressed without dropping your clothes on the wet floor!
  • vikki c.
    I love going down the waterslides I hate getting out as its so cold!
  • Lauren
    I hate the smell of chlorine after swimming, so if this stuff works, it'd be a welcome addition to my swimming bag.
  • sophie s.
    I would love to try this on my son, not seen a similar product.
  • katrina w.
    Mmmmm can smell the chlorine-freeness already :)
  • kate e.
    I've always loved the smell of Vosene
  • glitterbeam
    Would love to try this product on my children
  • kim
    love going swimming but its hard work getting us all dressed afterwards. would love to win this product so i dont have to take too many bottles to the showers afterwards as its all in 1 body and hair wash.
  • Joanne M.
  • Sara
    This sounds a good product - would love to try itxx
  • Janet
    My kids love swimming but their hair smells awful after, would love to give this a try
    I would like to win this for my daughter who is taking swimming lesson's
  • Sally C.
    Looks great, would love to try it!
  • Karen W.
    Love swimming hate getting dried!! no matter how much you dry your always wet!! and I can't stand wet feet in socks!!
  • Judy W.
    Love splashing about with my son but hate it when you get out and it's freezing!!
  • Claire S.
    Great Competition... Good Luck Everyone! x
    Great would love to try this save me garding 2 bottles around as this does 2 jobs in 1
  • Rebecca M.
    Me and my son love swimming, but he hates having his hair washed after though, we would love to try this product!
  • Mayur K.
    I love taking the kids and seeing them smile when swimming
  • Ben A.
    i hate the smell of chlorine when i swim, it gets ev erywhere!
  • Rachel F.
    Just what i need as we are going on holiday soon
  • Hel J.
    I like swimming as the children have so much fun... but I hate trying to get dry again without touching the grubby changing room floor!
  • Valerie H.
    Perfect for my grandaughter.
  • Denice
    Just love Vosene, nice to see one for after swimming too
  • Jennifer S.
    My daughter belongs to a swimming club and spends half her life at the pool. It would be great for her to have some Vosene to take away the smell of the chlorine!
  • Amanda G.
    I'm taking my 2 year old on holiday for the first time to Benidorm and he loves water! This product would be great to get him clean after his days in the hotel pool.
  • Amanda G.
    I'm taking my 2 year old on holiday for the first time to Benidorm and he loves water! This product would be great to get him clean after his days in the hotel pool. My twitter name @amandagriffin
  • Deborah W.
    hate the wet swimsuits that smell of chlorine and fade after a few weeks
  • Clare
    I hate stinking of chlorine for the rest of the day
  • Ann W.
    fab prize, love vosene :-)
  • Victoria D.
    I love the smell of vosene. its such a clean smell. I would love to win
  • P P.
    I don't go swimming but my grandson goes several times a week and is learning fast.
  • Ruth T.
    I would love this for my grandchildren to try
  • Steph H.
    what a good idea everything you need in one tube, will have to look out for this in the shops if i'm not lucky to win one.
  • Kelly D.
    This is a great idea. Vosene have some great products. My son has swimming lessons and this is perfect for his swimming bag.
  • JEMMA A.
    fab for swimming
  • Andi G.
    My son starts his first swimming lessons this week so it would be a great start
  • Matthew T.
    sounds good!
  • Celia W.
    This would be great for my Granddaughter who loves swimming
  • Stephen L.
    Vosene makes great products and this looks just the thing to stick in my daughters swim bag for her school swim lessons.
  • Lisa
    Hate the chlorine smell after the pool, so this would be great for my little one
  • linda w.
    My grandchildren could make good use of this, they are all water babies
  • Amy H.
    What a great idea for a product, ideal for kids
  • graham n.
    perfect for my kids
  • Katherine M.
    Would love to try this, my daughter starts swimming lessons soon! x
  • nicola c.
    would love to try a childrens shampoo that is specific to after swimming. My kids go every week to swimming lessons and i usually just use a normal shampoo, but this would be great to get the chlorine out properly.
  • Tracey D.
    Love swimming but hate how it makes my hair go like straw
  • Kelly H.
    would love this for my daughter, im about to start taking her swimming :)
  • Leah M.
    My little boy loves swimming but the chlorine in the pool doesn't seem to like him...We'd love to win this prize especially since we go away next mmonth and he'll be swimming constantly.
  • Julie
    I take my little one swimming every week so this would be very useful!
  • Vera P.
    I would love to win a bottle for my 2 year old, who loves swimming.
  • Anne-Marie L.
    I hate that swimming strips the dye out of my hair a bit. :(
  • DawnLouise
    I love the relaxing feeling of the water lapping against me, the sound of the children laughing and playing echoing around me and strangely the smell!!
  • michelle
    would love tow in thanks
  • Sharon
    Nice prize Vosene ..thankyou x
  • Julie
    This would be really useful.
  • sarah g.
    Would love this as my little boys hair is long and gets so knotted and scraggy when we go away!
  • Rachel H.
    would love to win this
  • dave j.
    Getting water in your eyes !
  • Sheena
    My daughter loves it when we go swimming. I hate that the chlorine makes my hair really dry.
  • lynette
    Great prize! This would be brilliant for my little girl.
  • Tom
    Great product! Fantastic prize! Good luck everyone!
  • Binky
    This would be brilliant for when I take the grandchildren swimming. Love the smell of Vosene always reminds me of being little and the long tear drop. Sunday night bathtime before school the next day. Thanks for the memories and making me smile. X
  • molly
    My little swimmer will feel all grown up having her special swimming shampoo!
  • Isabelle S.
    fab prize :) !
  • James D.
    My son has very sensitive skin, this would come in very handy
  • sheena w.
    Perfect for after swimming lessons :)
  • Diane
    My kids all go swimming and would love to try this out
  • Jacqueline B.
    I hate how awful your hair feels afterwards
  • Jacqueline B.
    Tweeted @thespotmeister
  • Karen
    Ideal for taking away on holiday and a perfect size for the toiletry bag.
  • Suzanne s.
    Hate getting dried afterwards
  • Gary H.
    love the feel good factor of doing some exercise
  • debra m.
    ideal for my holidays in 5 weeks!!!
  • Lorraine F.
    Hi there, please can you enter me in your competition. Many thanks x
  • nikki
    Hmm, love swimming but hate the chlorine smell, washing mine and my boys hair in this would be lovely, hope it smells as nice as i'm imagining now! xx
  • Ashleigh
    looks great!
  • Mark
    Given it a go,who knows?
  • Matt B.
    Love to win for my nippers
  • Sarah M.
    would love to win
  • Nicole L.
    I hate getting water up my nose and also the way the chlorine makes my hair feel! What I love about swimming is how it doesn't feel like exercise!
  • Leigh L.
    I love the 'I have done somthing good' feeling but hate the getting dried and changed afterwards! Does that make me lazy?! :)
  • sarah o.
    sounds good xx
  • alison w.
    Fab giveaway
  • Esther
    great offer - would love to try this on my kids after swimming!
  • Paul W.
    We swim as a family most weeks and it's great to spend quality time together doing something we all enjoy. I do dislike the lingering aroma of chlorine though and it's not kind to your hair.
  • Liz
    Worst thing is trying to get my boys out of the pool as they both love swimming
  • Nic
    Could really do with trying this - my daughter's hair is very long and gets dry and brittle as she swims several times a week.
  • Sanche W.
    Excellent Giveaway! Would love to win!
  • Joanne B.
    The worst thing about swimming is getting dressed afterwards.
  • Joanne B.
    I subscribe to the email updates
  • Joanne B.
    I have tweeted @joanneblunt
  • andi g.
    the thing i like most about swimming is the fact that i only seem to be graceful when i am swimming, the thing i hate is coming out of the swimming pool on a cold winters night, freezing cold with wet hair!
  • Alison C.
    lovely prize
  • Alison C.
    I have tweeted @alcam2209
  • Carole
    love swimming, hate chlorine in my eyes and hair
  • Sajad F.
    Love the feeling of swimming first thing in the morning before breakfast, unfortunately I can only do that on holiday until I win lottery.
  • June
    I dislike swimming because the chlorine makes my hair extra fuzzy and I have to wrestle with my blow dryer and hair straightners afterwards!
  • Ester P.
    Hate getting my afro wet when I go swimming, swimming caps are very uncomfortable
  • nikki L.
    I hate trying to get dressed in tiny little cubicles when I'm still damp and whilst juggling 2 kids!
  • Judith L.
    Im not a confident swimmer and I hate people jumping in almost on top of me, glug, glug glug after swallowing half the pool but I love the weighless feeling of swimming, regardless of your size the you can float naturally in the water
  • Christine S.
    I love taking the kids swimming but I hate the hassle of youngest whingeing because she has to shower and wash her hair!
  • Clare W.
    Have tweeted as @mrs_jacksparrow and signed up for email updates :)
  • Hayley S.
    Just started taking my 2 and 4 year old swimming and we all love it!
  • Emma R.
    I hate my hair smelling of clorine after and it feeling like straw.. ;-)
  • Nikki W.
    I love the fun I have with my 11 month old son - he used to hate the water but now he loves it :)
  • san
    this would be great for my kids hair.
  • betty
    would love some vosene!
  • Allison
    This would be fab for when I take my niece and nephew swimming!
  • Karen C.
    what a fabulous giveaway
  • Karen W.
    i love the feeling of weightlessness but i hate having to squeeze myself into a costume and then having to peel it off wet !!
  • Afshan Q.
    Cant swim! But if i could i know id love it!
  • Claire B.
    hate the chlorine in the hair afterwards
  • Claire M.
    I love the smell your skin has when you come out of a swimming pool - its so clean smelling. But then maybe I'm just weird!
  • Luci
    I love swimming but getting two kids and myself dressed afterwards in a freezing cold changing room has got to be the worst bit!
  • Helen S.
    Worst thing bout swimming is washing kids hair afterwards, so a nice smelling product like this should help!
  • Susan B.
    Definitely getting changed after is the worst part
  • Heather S.
    I hate getting into cold pools when swimming.
  • Heather S.
    i get your newsletter
  • Heather S.
    I follow via twitter @kiki_725
  • Vivien
    I live very near the sea but it is just too cold to stay in for long without a wetsuit. I wish the sea around our coast was as warm as the South of France!!
  • Mirelle w.
    yes please. thanks for the competition.x
  • Angela S.
    I hate the cold feeling when you get out of the pool!
  • james d.
    I like cheese
  • nicola h.
    great for my son after swimming x
  • Elaine T.
    I hate the cold foot bath on the way to the pool
  • katy r.
    My daughter swims five hours a week and her hair's always a state afterwards. A helping hand would be very grateful!
  • Belinda H.
    hope i win one

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