Eylure Strip False Lashes Texture No. 117 £3.88 @ Amazon

They're £5.49 at Superdrug!
Eylure Strip False Lashes Texture No. 117 £3.88 @ Amazon

False eyelashes can really make a difference to your eyes. They aren't just for teenagers and drag queens either. They come in a variety of styles, and if it's natural enhancement you're after then these Eylure Strip False Lashes Texture No. 117 are the ones for you. Skip on over to Amazon right now and you can get them for just £3.88. Considering they're £5.49+ most other places, I'm stocking up!

Eylure Strip False Lashes

The Eylure Strip False Lashes Texture No.117 are light and wispy, so are flattering to all ages, eye shapes etc. What I love about these is that they are super easy to apply, and if you need to shorten them they don't look funny like some other lashes do.

The textured look gives them a flirty, fluttery look and they are so easy to wear as they are super lightweight, with a thin band.

They come with glue, and the best tip I can give you for applying is to apply the glue before you've applied your makeup. By the time you come to apply them they won't be all slippery, as the glue will be super tacky.

Like to wear lashes regularly? Subscribe and Save to the Eylure Strip False Lashes Texture No. 117 and not only will they come when you want them to without physically having to re-order, but you'll get your first pair for just £3.49.

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