Electric Toothbrush Deals @ Boots

I wouldn't be without my electric toothbrush for love nor money; once you've used one you can never go back to brushing with an ordinary brush - your teeth will never feel, or be, as clean as they are with an electric one.

Decent ones are rarely cheap though, so it's always worth keeping an eye out for electric toothbrush deals and taking advantage of them when they pop up - like the offers that are currently there for the taking at Boots.

I remember when electric toothbrushes first hit the home market, oooh my mum was not a fan of them!  She believed they would encourage nothing other than lazy brushing and, to this day, she won't use one.

Although, that said, she does now recognise they don't promote brushing laziness and do get your teeth lovely and clean - she just doesn't like the feel of them; each to their own, and all that!

There are a fair few electric toothbrush bargains for you to choose from and which one you go for will depend purely on budget and whether certain features 'talk to you' or not.

If you want a toothbrush that has ALL the bells and whistles on it, that charges itself whilst sitting in its own glass mouth rinse cup, that holds three week's of charge and can even be charged via any USB port (and that's just a few of its features) then you'll want to have a look at the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean HX9332.

It will set you back £109.99 if you order it online and enter the discount code DIAMOND at the checkout, and before you take that sharp intake of breath at the price, I feel I should tell you that it's usual price is £249.99!

You can collect your electric toothbrush for free in-store (if you've ordered and paid for it online - of course, they might have the one you want in stock, on the shelves at the discounted price in your local Boots...it's well worth having a look if you want it NOW!) OR you can arrange to have it delivered to your home for free too, which will take up to four working days.

Happy electric brushing!

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