Would You Use Designer Baby Perfumes On Your Children?

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Today the Daily Mail has reported on the growing trend for designer fragrances aimed specifically at babies, and the big success story they are starting to become. Obviously the issue of putting perfume on babies is a controversial subject, and as always there are two sides to every debate.

Many Mums will be shocked at the idea of using fragrance on their babies, as using chemicals on babies skin, even bathing products made with gentle cleansers is something we are advised against in the first few weeks of their life. However, the manufacturers are keen to stress that the scents made for babies contain no harsh chemicals and ingredients, and some are labelled as "scented water" as opposed to the Eau De Parfum that adults use.

Bulgari and Burberry both have baby fragrances that have been for sale for many years, names like D&G have launched their baby fragrance more recently, and in Europe it is not uncommon for scents to be used on the young. What seems to have changed in the UK is the growing trend for these to be used on more and younger children and babies, and it is being viewed in the context of altering and sanitising babies so that they too have to conform to an unreal image. When you look into it there are a surprisingly large number of perfumes made for babies, and it's risen very quickly to become very big business, so there are obviously a lot of parents who are fans.

Babies don't smell of roses and lavender, they smell of milk, and often of sick and poop too. When they have just been bathed they smell of whatever products you have washed them with, as do children and adults. We use home fragrances to disguise the smell of dirty nappies, we use fragrances on ourselves too, but is using a product designed to make our babies smell different one step too far?

So are you a fan of these Baby Fragrances or not? We'd love to hear what you think.

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