Clarins 4-Colour Pen (Eyeliner & Lip Liner) £28 Delivered (With Code) @ Debenhams

Clarins 4-Colour Pen (Eyeliner & Lip Liner) £28 Delivered (With Code) @ Debenhams

What an absolute design triumph from Clarins. I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I discovered the Clarins 4-Colour Pen. It looks like those multi-coloured biro pens, you got back in the day, but these ones are Eyeliners and Lip Liners.

There's a choice of three different Clarins 4-Colour Pens: Harmony 1*or Harmony 2* and Darks*. Each are priced at £28 each.

Each pen has four different liner options, one Lip Liners and three Eyeliners. Just like those pens we had back at school, you just pull down the nib for the colour you require. Such a simple idea, but so, so clever.

This is like the ultimate hack for going on Holiday or for in your Handbag on a night out.

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  • Deborah A.

    Sounds like the perfect idea until you factor in poor lighting and several alcoholic drinks before attempts to retouch in the crowded nightclub loo provides some er.... interesting results :see_no_evil::crayon:

  • Linda B.

    Different colours though xxx

    • Lisa S.

      I like the one with the turquoise xx

      • Linda B.

        love turquoise liner xx