Ciaté Mani Marker Nail Polish Pen £9.95 Delivered @ Beauty Expert

20 April 2017
Ciaté Mani Marker £9.95 Delivered

Who hasn't dreamed of a Nail Polish Marker? We all did it at school - used our highlighters to colour in our nails. Now it's an actual thing! The Mani Marker from Ciaté is everything we have ever wanted - grab one for just £9.95 delivered from Beauty Expert!

The Ciaté Mani Marker is available in two different shades at Beauty Expert: Role Model* and Thrill Seeker*.

These are so easy to use! Just one stroke and the nail plate is covered in vibrant colour.

I just have to grab a couple - I am all for convenience and speed when it comes to doing my nails.

ASOS* sell all of the shades of Mani Marker at £9.99, but a £3 delivery charge applies unless you spend £20 or more, then it's FREE!

Delivery is FREE on the Ciaté Mani Marker from Beauty Expert.

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  • Katey R.

    why do Avon not have these? X

    • Claire-Louise W.

      Sorry to butt in on your post but Avon actually did do these at one point. I had them, a silver and a lilac, I was about 13 so about 15 years ago... maybe they'll bring them back? :)

  • Diane A.

    can get them other places too x

  • Laura B.

    I bought one which arrived yesterday- must say i was very disappointed- my nails would have looked better if i had used a sharpie

    • Lisa M.

      Thanks for this, I was just about to buy one. What a shame :pensive:

    • Laura B.

      I was so gutted but it really was rubbish :cry:

  • Emma S.

    Ooooooo am ordering!! Xxx

  • Emma S.

    This is ideal for the likes of me who likes to spill nail polish! :joy: I like that colour too!

  • Emma S.

    In stock on M&S :grinning::thumbsup_tone1: xxx

  • Catherine L.

    I had something similar 20 odd years ago!

  • Cheryl S.

    That would be perfect for me x

  • Rebecca O.

    Oooo they are pretty :) and pens too :heart_eyes:

  • Lucy-Ann M.

    Omg!!! How am I just finding out about this x

  • Lisa W.

    Wow!!!!!! That looks amazing xxxx

  • Sarah G.

    Thanks but have you ever seen how much I colour outside the lines?

  • Kaleigh N.

    Z'omg! This maybe the answer to all my problems

  • Louise F.

    :ok_hand_tone3: ohhh the designs I could do with these! Xx

  • Kaleigh N.

    £9.95 for one pen mind! It should be worth it x

  • Cheryl N.

    I would want someone else to try before i bought it

  • Kerry E.

    Would be much easier than polish x

  • Louise F.

    Yea I might look into them, give my nails a break from gel :grimacing: xx

  • Chelsea R.

    We need these would make it so much easier :smile:

  • Kimberley L.

    Knowing me I'd still mess them up lol :joy:

  • Eryl S.

    The one I saw was from Marksies. Couldn't see it yesterday though.

  • Becky C.

    Wonder if its easier than applying for a bottle

  • Kimberley A.

    Nah.... I'll stil end up smudging it

  • Leatitia D.

    Have to agree - I have tried and can't recommend

  • Michelle K.

    Oooo think I might have to get one lol x

  • Nicola Q.

    I think the one i trialled was Maybelline but same thing really

  • Rhianna M.

    :heart_eyes: these look amazing! Prob be quicker than nail paint lol x

  • Vickie P.

    I'm sure marks n spencer was advertising something similar Will have to investigate :thumbsup:

  • Bethan B.

    Oh I need this, but then I'll probably still manage to mess them up!! Xx

  • Christine H.

    I bought one of these and it was awful. Really stained my nails as well. Going to take it back and ask for refund :scream:

  • Sarah B.

    Wonder how well they last! Easier for touch ups x

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