A Little Lip Gloss Goes A Long Way

Let me say at the outset that I don't have daughters so I've no idea what it's like to suriraise girls but I suspect that they're not that different to boys. And the thing about boys is that they have this seemingly innate love of all things vehicular. If it's got wheels, they will notice it, and all the better if it also has flashing lights and makes a loud noise. I remember my eldest screeching wildly at the sight of a digger when he was too young to know what one was, while a friend's little girl of the same age barely seemed to notice it. Boys love diggers and rescue missions and helicopters and emergency vehicles. Meanwhile girls, it seems, love dresses and princesses and... well... make up.

babyIt's a contentious issue but several little ladies in the public eye have been snapped recently looking like they've just raided Mummy's make-up collection. Now I admit it's not a look I'm a fan of. But what irks me is when people act as though letting your little girl be papped wearing make-up is akin to child abuse. I'd wager that most mums of girls have popped to the shops with their little lady in tow with at least her finger nails painted in some glittery shade, or with a smidgen of lipstick on. It's what little girls like to do and no-one seems to bat an eyelid when my lads go out dressed as Spiderman or with their faces painted as pirates so really, what's the difference?

Granted, I probably wouldn't go so far as to crack open the stprincessash of false eyelashes if I had a daughter but then I'm not Katie Price and our lives couldn't be more different. I reckon if long lens cameras were thrust in the faces of my kids and I every time we left the house, I'd sometimes look like a less-than-perfect parent too. But I reckon it's time to give celeb mums a break. Parenting isn't easy, especially under the glare of constant media attention and in the intrusive gaze of the public eye, so if a little lip gloss helps keep everyone happy, where's the harm?

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