Blistex Daily Lip Care Conditioner £1.34 @ Amazon

It even has an SPF 15 in it
Blistex Daily Lip Care Conditioner £1.34 @ Amazon

I am a bit obssessed with lip balms, I must have so many but you know what it's like, they get lost so easily and so I always end up just buying more! I couldn't resist this bargain from Amazon to add to my collection, the Blistex Daily Lip Care Conditioner is just £1.34 now!

What I love the most about this lip balm, is that it has an SPF 15 in it. We often forget that we need to protect our lips when out in the sun, not just because they can dry out but because they can burn and blister in the sun.

The intensive care formula with aloe vera, collagen and cocoa butter gives lasting moisture and nourishes the lips to make them wonderfully soft. It has a lovely vanilla smell to it and glides on easily. I love the fact it comes in a stick, it makes it so much easier to regularly apply. Great for little ones to pop into their school bags too.

Amazon have this for just £1.34 which is a lot cheaper than we have seen it elsewhere. Amazon prime members get free delivery so if you have prime this is a lovely cheap treat for your lips!


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