Blinc Mascara Review

If I had to choose a desert island make-up product then mascara would be it, as long as my eyelash curlers could come too - mascara and eyelash curlers go hand-in-hand so, really, they count as one thing...right?

Curled fans of long lashes, highlighted with mascara, really opens up the eyes and just makes you feel and look GLAM' (well that's how it makes me feel, at least) BUT mascara on a desert island?!

The practically minded of you will already be thinking,

"But if you're only allowed one make-up product then that means you wont' have any cotton wool and eye make-up remover (or make-up remover wipes, if you prefer)!   

You're going to be swimming in the sea; you're going to be hot and sweaty - it's going to smudge, it's going to get all clumpy eventually; DISASTER!"

Well I laugh in the face of all those mascara nightmares because over 10 years ago I discovered Blinc mascara and it is, to this day, the best mascara I've ever used.

It doesn't smudge, it doesn't clump, it doesn't flake - no, seriously, it doesn't.

It doesn't matter if you get hot and sweaty (some people like to maintain their glam' look at the gym you know!), it doesn't matter if you sob at the movies or at a friend's wedding and if you get itchy eyes, just RUB them.

You see, the difference between Blinc mascara and every other mascara on the market is this:

Blinc mascara forms waterproof tubes around your lashes rather than coating them with oil-based 'paint', and because it's not oil based it lasts up to two or three times longer than normal mascaras.

It's lighter than usual mascara too, because it's made up of fewer ingredients and is ideal for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

To take it off, all you need is some warm water and gentle pressure from your fingertips - these two things combined release the tubes around your lashes and they just slide off; don't panic when it looks as though you've pulled all your lashes out!

It's more expensive than usual mascaras, but worth every single penny.  I've never seen it on sale in shops and prices can vary online ; the cheapest I've found it (and where I get mine from) is at for £15.50.

Delivery within seven working days is free, but you can have your Blinc mascara delivered quicker for £2.50.

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