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Baby Buds Hushabye Baby currently has a sale on loads of Baby Buds Baby Products with their Buy One Get One Free offer, making them effectively half price each.

I'm a big fan of natural and organic products, and get geekishly excited about products that don't contain SLS, since my daughter reacts to it. The problem is most organic and natural products are much more expensive, so I jump at the chance to save a bit on things that are better for my baby.

Hushabye Baby have a great range of bathtime products available. These include:

  • Baby Buds Baby Bum Balm for £11.44 for two, which is loaded with organic beeswax, spent grain wax, Inca Inchi, Jojoba oil, sunflower oil and shea butter.

  • Baby Buds Baby Massage Oil is £9.35 for two, and can be used after bath time for a soothing, relaxing massage, helping baby get rid of excess winds and settle into a peaceful sleep. It is fragrance free, making it ideal for newborns.

  • Baby Buds Nursing Salve (£8.95 for two), is unique cross between a balm and a gel featuring bio actives such as Inca Inchi and aroleat lavanda, used to prevent cracked and sore nipples, as well as damaged skin.

There's loads more to choose from, from Lip Balm to a Happy Baby gift set and Beautiful Blooming Belly Cream for mum. I don't see an end date, so it's probably while stocks last. Standard delivery is an additional £3.50.

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