Amazon Beauty Must Haves - Tried & Tested

Amazon Beauty Must Haves

Amazon sells EVERYTHING let's face it, some of it's junk and some of it is absolute treasure. Want to know what are Amazon Beauty Must Haves to put in your basket? We have a shopping list just for you!

Fanola No More Yellow Shampoo £9.50* (300ml Bottle)

This stuff has to be made by hair angels! If you have Blonde Hair and you find it brassy or yellowing between Hair Appointments, then use this on your barnet. I swear you'll never look back. Think ashy, silvery, and lilac (if you leave it on too long) luscious locks. Can be drying so make sure you use a good Conditioner to follow and I wouldn't use more than once a week on Bleached Hair. Read the reviews and Google for result pictures - purple liquid gold, I am telling you!

Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation* from £12.97 Delivered

Chances are you have seen this miraculous makeup in a tube on Facebook/Instagram Videos. Not only is it pigmented enough to cover Tattoos but it's a godsend for those of you with scarring, blemishes, textured skin, pigmentation and much more. Even if you don't have any issues with your skin, you may opt for this for a Foundation that just won't quit on you, no matter how much you sweat or drink on a night out. This stuff could cover up a murder - seriously! You need this in your life.

Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector* £19.49 (100ml Bottle)

Got coloured hair? Chances are you'll have heard of Olaplex before. Hair Colourists will use No1 and No2 in the salon with your Colour Treatment to ensure your hair isn't frazzled. No3 is great to use in between those visits to the Hairdresser. It helps prevent hair breakage and damage and isn't exclusively for those with coloured hair. I use it weekly, overnight and a little goes a long way. Put a little drop of this through your hair and watch your comb glide through.

The Makeup Hand Palette* £9.99

Always putting your Primer, Foundation, and more on the back of your hand? This Makeup Hand Palette is not only hygienic but it's great if you need to mix Lip Colour and so on. It slots onto your hand and stops you getting Foundation/Eyeliner stains on your hand. At first, I thought it may well be a gimmick but I use it everyday.

Selfie Ring Light* £5.28 (Sold by Skating Lover)

Not strictly a beauty buy - but one that will have you looking a beauty when you take your selfies. Ring Lights are used by Vloggers a lot (on a bigger scale) and work as a filter to provide the best conditions to take a photo/selfie. This one fits on your mobile phone and will have you looking amazing. If you like your makeup to pop, then you NEED this on your life.

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  • Kerry D.

    - the foundation looks good!

  • Helen M.

    I would be careful buying olaplex from amazon. Not everyone is authorised to sell it. I received a bottle off amazon a fortnight ago which was fake (different colour and consistency to olaplex from a salon) - the seller was a top seller and it was £19 something.

  • Ashleigh J.

    The foundation is amazing :wink: worth 100x more

  • Steph H.

    I have the foundation already and it does genuinely work. You don’t need to use a lot either.

  • Elaine F.

    The foundation needs caked on. I bought this and it does not cover freckles with out a very thick coat. It does cover tattoos ok, but would not recommend for your face!

  • Fiona M.

    Oooo I don't's very cheap which rings alarm bells. Maybe too good to be true?? :thinking: xoxo

  • Deirdre M.

    I might give it a go, I normally spend £8 on foundation so this will be a splash out for me :joy: xxx

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