84% Off Magic Wand Makeup Brush Set £4.99 @ Groupon

Magic Wand Makeup Brush Set £4.99 @ Groupon

When it comes to buying Christmas and birthday presents for teenage family members I tend to stick to makeup and toiletries. I have just spotted these gorgeous Magic Wand Makeup Brushes over at Groupon.

I am definitely grabbing a few sets to keep by as gifts!

They are an absolute steal right now from Groupon at just £4.99 per set. However if you were to buy 2 sets the price goes down to £9.49 for 2 and for 3 sets it's just £14.48! That's up to 84% off the retail price of £29.99!

These pretty brushes are designed to look like magic wands, possibly inspired by Harry Potter. The set includes a large shadow brush, angled crease brush, petite eye shading brush, angled eye liner brush, and liner smudge brush all in a pretty rose gold colour.

Also included is a faux leather cover to store all your brushes in. The sets are selling super fast so get those orders in asap!

Home delivery is £1.99.

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  • Elaine H.

    for the Harry Potter fan x

  • Danielle M.

    Love them but I never wear make up lol x

  • Hope W.

    Stop giving me reasons to spend money :joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::tired_face:

  • Valerie D.

    i wonder since they are wands id i start using them id look ten years younger ha ha. i can dream anyway

  • Mandy E.

    Can you get them and I'll give you the money

    • Samantha C.

      Will ask leon never used groupon x

  • Tejal J.

    I need these in my life!!!

  • Elisha C.

    O yes. These r klass :) x

  • Claire M.

    This is too much I can't cope! I have no money :joy::joy::weary::weary::nerd:

  • Lauren W.

    Fingers crossed for secret Santa xx

  • Amy T.

    If only I knew how to apply makeup lol x

  • Danielle S.

    :joy::joy: you could just use them as wands lol :heart_eyes:

  • Jennifer P.

    In love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:

  • Jess S.

    Ekkkkkkkk santas coming!!!!!

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