3 for 2 On Selected Maybelline Products @ Superdrug

Is it just me looking back through the mists of time, with rose-tinted glasses, to a bygone age where make up didn't cost the earth and seemed to last a lot longer than it does now, or has make up always been as expensive as it is now?

Well whatever the answer is, it always pays to keep an eye out for offers like this 3 for 2 on selected Maybelline products currently running over at Superdrug.

I'm a real butterfly when it comes to make up; I'm easily seduced by the next shiny make up revolution that promises me the earth, even though I know they're not likely to live up to TV advert expectations *sigh*

I loathe spending lots of cash on make up too and will always take advantage of promotions that allow my money to go just a little further than normal, so whether you're a Maybelline fan or a make up butterfly like me, you'll definitely want to take a nosey through the 91 selected products that are included in the 3 for 2 Maybelline deal.

If you're looking for a new mascara, I can recommend the Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eyes - now whilst it doesn't, in my opinion, live up to all its official blurb hype, it doesn't clump at all - not even when it's right near the end of it's life - it doesn't smudge or dry out on your lashes dropping mascara 'ash' under your eyes (you know what I mean by that, right?) but wild cats' eyes lashes...?  Nah, not even anything close.

There aren't any codes to remember, just add three Maybelline products to your basket and Superdrug will deduct the cost of the cheapest for you.

Happy Maybelline 3 for 2; hurrah!

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