Why We Should Vote In Today's General Election

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9 million women didn't vote in the last General Election. That is a truly shocking fact. That's 9 million women who did not make their voice heard, who did not make a choice, and who are represented by no one.

The most common reasons people give for not voting is that they have lost faith in politics and politicians, think that politicians are "all as bad as each other", and that their vote won't change anything. I just don't agree.

If you think your vote won't change anything again then take a look at the chart in the picture above. All the polls and commentators are convinced that this is going to be an even closer election than the last.With the two main parties seemingly neck and neck every vote counts. Imagine what would happen if those 15.9 million people all turned out and voted this time? That sort of people power can change the country.

Saying that they are all as bad as each other is like judging all the kids in the local school by the noisiest ones you hear in the playground. Seeing the leaders shouting at each other in Prime Minister's Questions is a bit like a playground argument, I agree, but are all politicians like that all the time? Of course not, but boring budget meetings and meeting with constituents doesn't make good TV so we don't see that side. And if you aren't happy with the politicians we have then use your vote to get some new ones.

The reason I vote in every single election, be it for MPs. MEPs, Councillors, or Police Commissioners is simple. 100 years ago women were not allowed to have the vote. Women gave their lives to bring about this change, and I think to not bother to use my vote would be  disrespectful to their memory and ungrateful. Men and women around the world still do not have the democratic rights that we do, and I believe that we should use our vote and our voice for change.

I voted on the way to school this morning, and when I explained that women weren't always allowed to vote he looked like it was the most shocking thing he had ever heard. I'm glad that he is growing up in a country where we choose who runs it.

Go on the school run, go one at a time after the kids are in bed, pop out after tea, it doesn't matter. You have until 10pm tonight to make your voice heard. Speak up. Make a difference. 


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