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Hope you are all having a relaxing Boxing Day. I am about to disappear into the bath with my bottle of Radox and escape the toy carnage in the lounge. Not to mention the crazy small child currently trying to beat up his dad.

When you think of bubble baths, what's the first name that springs to mind. For me it is Radox. So when they offered us some of their new range to review, I jumped at the chance. Read on to find out how they did.

Bubble Bath Adventurers Max Matey

I'm starting with the kid's stuff. There's a whole range of these, and the one we received was the Bubble Bath Adventurers Max Matey with Toucan Flannel Hand Puppet* available at Asda for £5. With this set you get the bubble bath (a sizeable 500ml) in a slightly figure shaped bottle, and a flannel that doubles as a hand puppet.

My seven year old son loves the flannel puppet, which has a name - Tic Toc. Max also has a friend who is a mermaid, and her name is Molly Matey (and she also has her own set). The puppet shape encourages him to use it, and is easier for him to scrub himself than with a normal flannel. He does insist on calling it a parrot though.

I like the bubble bath, you get a good amount of bubbles from a small amount of liquid and it doesn't dry his skin out. The bubble bath is, according to the website, hypoallergenic and skin - pH neutral formulation.

Pros a good size bottle for the price, the flannel is great for kids to use, and the bubbles are gentle on skin

Cons Max is a sailor, that much is obvious, but a Toucan? Was just easier to let son say it was a parrot

Overall verdict 9/10

Bath Therapy Moisture Soak

My boxing day tradition is for it to be the Mummy Day Of Rest. It is about cold left over meats with hot mash potato, and me sitting down (nearly) all day, with a bit of pampering. Like a relaxing bath.

I may not have picked the Radox Bath Therapy Moisture Soak out for myself, because of the colour. I absolutely loathe this shade of pink. But the smell! Honestly just opening the bottle and taking a sniff relaxed me and made me feel happy. Soaking in it was even better.

As I always find with Radox, it feels good on the skin too. According to the website, Calendula flowers are natural moisturisers. I can't say for sure that my skin felt softer after the bath, but it didn't leave it feeling dried out or uncomfortable. A 500ml bottle costs £1.90, and it should be available with Ocado or Tesco.

Pros the scent is divine

Cons the bottle is an awful pink, but that would be a pro if you like the colour

Overall verdict 9/10

Shower Smoothies Soul Soother

On the front of the bottle of Shower Smoothies Soul Soother it says Don't Drink Me. I didn't notice this at first. When I got the bottle I immediately had a sniff, as you do, and found it so delicious I had to stop myself from slugging it down. "They really should put a warning on the bottle" I thought. And what do you know, they already had.

It not only smells fruity and cream (and that's fruity like fresh fruit), the Shower Smoothie feels it as well. And that was a problem for me. I just didn't like the texture on my skin.

Also the blackcurrant and cranberry seeds felt a bit odd too. I loved the smell, and liked that it stayed on my skin most of the day. Just faintly, but enough to be pleasant. A 200ml bottle is priced at £2.90.

Pros smells gorgeous, leave skin lovely

Cons texture of the cream wasn't the most pleasant for me, and at £2.90 for a bottle I probably wouldn't buy one

Overall verdict 7/10

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