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blog This week at Playpennies, we're loving Yet Another Blooming Blog.

The bio had me pretty much sold, and then there were a couple of posts that really sucked me in.

"I have a heart of gold and a wrong sense of humour.

I live with my moustachioed lover Ian, our little daughter Esme, our huge baby Ossie, and Derek, a big old stripy cat who shouts at the furniture.

I often go back to old posts and rewrite bits of them. Sorry about that."

Anyone who has a wrong sense of humour is ace in my book; I have a very wrong sense of humour (and yes, that does mean I think I'm ace...well I am!) so all those with one too are automatically kindred spirits.

I also go back and rewrite old posts, by the third edit they're almost good.

The two posts that dragged me in were  Playtime with Esme - a hilarious insight into the random playtime thoughts of a child - and the eff you see kay post, it had me crying.

You see, it addresses the thorny issue of little kids saying THAT word, what do you mean 'what word?' go back and read the title of the post again....'ohhhhh, T H A T word!'  Yes. That word.

I you've yet to experience your young innocent little child use that word AND in context too, brace yourselves. If you have, it'll bring back lots of 'happy' memories or, at the very least, make you feel that you are not alone in this hilarious part of child's development.

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