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24 July 2011

bloggerWorkingMum This week PlayPennies Loves...Working Mum on the Verge.

On the verge of what is for you to decide if you choose to wander through Working Mum's blog this afternoon, but here's what she says she'd like versus what she has...

"Would like to have it all: fulfilling career, well adjusted child, perfect marriage and beautiful home. So far has achieved stressful job as teacher, demanding daughter, 17 years of marriage and an old house that "we're doing up"."

The first post I read from Working Mum is MY ideal kind of blog entry: it's short and sweet and it REALLY made me laugh.  Flying slugs - who'd have known?!

If you've got kids of a certain age then you'll know the agony of them entering a competition with something AMAZING and yet they don't win; it's heartbreak all round when that happens, heartbreaking for them and heartbreaking for YOU knowing that THEY'RE heartbroken!

I felt the pain when Working Mum's daughter didn't win the cupcake decorating competition - it was a GREAT cupcake.

I rather like Working Mum's daughter; she's got the future all mapped out, including a pension plan for Working Mum - genius and a girl after my own heart.

Working Mum is a teacher and I found it really interesting to read her explanation as to why her heart was heavy when she filled in the ballot paper, calling for the strike, back in June; it's very easy to judge when it's not your pension and working conditions under threat and 'review'.

If you're a regular reader of 'PlayPennies Loves' then you'll know I'm a bit of a cake fan!

I've come across a couple of Lemon Meringue Cupcake recipes lately, but I have to say that Working Mum's are by FAR the best looking so I'm going to have to give them a go - it would be remiss of me not to.

Although I did just execute a cunning plan!  My mum's here for a few weeks, over from Italy, and she's rather nifty in the cake-making department...I just showed HER the cakes.  I'm going out in a little while and rather suspect I could come back to the delight that is Lemon Meringue Cupcakes.

I've had a lot of fun mooching around Working Mum's blog; I hope you will too.

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