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15 August 2010

fernand_leger_-_3women1 This week PlayPennies Loves...Work It Momma - a collection of posts from three different women writing about balancing demanding careers with family, love, and life and it makes for fabulous reading.

It would be interesting to know what sort of mental picture you might have formed of us PlayPennies writers  - that's NOT an invitation for you to tell us, sometimes it's nicer just to stay in the safety of ignorance - but I can tell you, if you hadn't already guessed, that I'm not your Mother-Earth type of mother.

It was difficult to admit to start with without feeling like a bit of a failure - I didn't enjoy being pregnant, the tiny baby phase was ok, the toddler phase was interesting with two of them sharing a birthday exactly a year apart, years four to 12 were lovely, and it's been a rollercoaster of great-one-minute-hell-the-next ever since those hormones started raging.

The kids go away on holiday without me and I go away without them (it's ok, I don't lock them in the metaphorical basement) so it's always interesting to read about women who can't bear the thought of being away from their children and have to make a very definite effort to take time out away from them.

The Identity Vacuum post addresses this very issue, it's very revealing and whilst I can't identify with feeling the desire to rush back to my children, I will certainly agree that motherhood does indeed change you.

It makes you do things you vowed you never would - like holding a full-blown conversation with your child when they can't even speak.  I remember driving in the car past a field of cows once and as I pointed to them I said, "Look! Moo cows!" It was bad enough that I said 'moo cows' but I was on my own in the car at the time!

These funny, eloquent, tell-it-how-it-is women address various issues and the I want to look in Giselle's new mirror post had me chuckling away - I remember featuring the picture being spoken about in a recent edition of Celebaby and it really was enough to make you want to spit!

Ladies, go and visit this blog if you fancy indulging in a bit of motherhood solidarity; gents, if you want to gain a bit of insight then this is the place for you.

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PlayPennies Loves...Notes From Home

By the way - for those who want to know, the painting featured at the top of this post is called 'Three Women' and was painted by Fernand Leger.

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