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3 October 2010


This week PlayPennies Loves...Who's The Mummy?

I've been giggling away reading about Sally and Flea, Sally's four-year-old daughter - Flea wants to be a pirate or a burglar when she grows up, admirable career choices I think, she's going to be the girl to see if you want to get your hands on some loot!

It was also very reassuring to discover that whilst some things change rapidly and before your very eyes, certain things remain constant across generations and around the world...

"At the age of 4, Flea  has recently taken up a position in Big School. I’ve no idea what this involves because any question on the subject is met with
“I don’t remember”."

I related TOTALLY to the Could it be magic? No darling, it's just the cleaners post - WOW, I need Molly Maid to come and visit my stupidly big house which the Teenagers think miraculously cleans itself!

"I sometimes joke that after the divorce, I missed my cleaner more than my ex.

Ah, who am I kidding? It’s not even a joke.

My total lack of domestic credentials were firmly established when I visited my brother with a three-year-old Flea, to find him ironing. “Uncle Jim,” said Flea, in tones of awe and wonder. “What is THAT?”
(I just have to tell you this - I almost got an email from the almost 16-year-old teenage boy child the other month with some handy tips on how I could run the household better! He wasn't brave enough to send it...which is why he's still alive).

Then there's the one where I impress the dentist...

"The dentist starts prodding in my mouth again. There’s a cracking sound I don’t want to think about too much and then “OOWWWW!”

He pauses. Continues.


Instinct takes over and I bite the dentist. Yes, I’m a grown woman and I bit my dentist. I blame evolution.


The dentist takes it pretty well, considering..."

The rest of this post had me crying with laughter and cringing at the same time - a couple of years ago I discovered I was almost immune the marvellous invention that is midazolam (seriously, if you can try it, do!) and wasn't so much sedated as a very happy and VERY chatty patient flirting outrageously with my dentist; I think he might have preferred it if I'd bitten him.

How to impress the school secretary really was the icing on the Who's the mummy? cake for me though, I laughed so loudly I woke the dog up - he was not impressed.


“Hello, Miss Whittle, it’s Julie here, at the grammar school.”

“Oh. Hi.”

“Just to let you know we’ve got Flea here. The school closed at 1pm today. Do you think you could come and collect her? She's just waiting outside the school office.”

“Sure, I’m on my way.”

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  • Emma
    I love Sally's blog! Always guranteed a giggle when I pop over to read! :)
  • Sarah K.
    I was just chuckling away for ages - and the phonecalls from school, just tooo funny! One of my finest school moments was forgetting it was mufty day and sending my daughter to school in uniform! OHHH the guilt.

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