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transatlanticMum This week PlayPennies Loves...Transatlantic Blonde.

So the Blonde is an American gal living in deepest darkest Scotland (yep, Glasgow) and has managed to survive being there since 2004; a medal is deserved for that alone *grin*

I have to call her 'the Blonde' because I can't find her real name anywhere, so I promise I'm not being rude; she's married to NotBlondeHusband and together they have a son, Blondie Boy, who was born in 2008.

I knew I'd like our Blonde author the moment I started reading about semi-permanent eyelash extensions!

You see I too have a love of long lashes and and rarely leave the house without mine being wonderfully curled; I was going to trek into London and have this done back in December but never got round to it, having seen the amazing results on Blondie I think I might just have to make the effort!

I chuckled at attempts to explain, to her American friends and family, the sublte, but OH SO important, differences between being English, British and Scottish and that never the twain shall meet.  I have South African friends and family with Scottish ancestry and some of them can only just about get their heads around the whole English/British thing.

"So while a Scotsman is British, he is certainly NOT English. Do you follow? There tends to be a bit of an Anglophile slant and often it’s assumed that British and English are interchangeable when they really aren’t.   Throw in a thousand years of border wars and , let’s face it, who *actually* likes their neighbours anyway?"

This Mixtape Monday post really made me smile and brought back memories of my own clubbing days; that and some rather hazy memories of debauched nights out in Brighton with my cousin. This also prompted a trip down muscial memory lane with her and posting dodgy 'choons' from yesteryear on each other's Facebook pages.

So there are some of my favourite posts from Transatlantic Blonde - there are lots of others but I'd be here all day if I listed them all.

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