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tinnedTomatoes This week PlayPennies Loves...TinnedTomatoes.

I know better than to judge a book by it's cover but I tend to dive into blogs based on their names first - well how else are you supposed to do it, there aren't any covers to, not, judge by.

I do all the cooking in the house; the teenagers can, and they're quite good at it, but it's far less painful (and quicker) for me to do it.  They can faff and experiement when they've a) learned to clear up and wash up properly after themselves or b) left home.

Anyway, I get through a LOT of tinned tomatoes every week and so I was naturally drawn to TinnedTomatoes.

I clicked and I landed in food HEAVEN!

When I first arrive at someone's blog I tend to scroll down first rather than read - just the food pictures alone, down the right hand side, were enough to let me know I had to stay and find out more.  The rhubarb and custard cake, the chocolate pistachio fudge and the toffee pecan brownies are going to be the ruin of me!

TinnedTomatoes is the brainchild of Jacqueline and is a fabulous collection of vegetarian recipes.

Now before you run for the hills screaming that you 'don't LIKE lentils' let me reassure you that vegetarian cooking has come a very long way since that stereotype - I've been vegetarian and vegan in the past and there are some recipes that remain firm family favourites to this day.

I promise, there are THAT many scrummy recipes here that you'll soon forget there's no meat in them.

You won't run out of ideas anytime soon either as TinnedTomatoes goes back to 2007!

I clicked on the 2007 archive link and landed on this Moroccan Parcels recipe page - I've just come back from my home in South Africa and these Moroccan parcels are the sort of thing that me and my husband love to eat when we're home in SA together; I'll definitely be giving these a go when I want to 'transport' myself back there in an instant.

There's also a monthly competition - No Croutons Required -  where you can submit your best vegetarian recipes to be included in the round-up, if you win you'll get a prestigious plaque to display on your blog; fabulous.

There's so much to look at, and drool over, at TinnedTomatoes and everything's easy to find and nicely archived for you too.

I'm sure there'll be a recipe of two that will appeal to everyone - veggie or not - and I can guarantee if you go for the cake and muffin recipes you'll be at least a stone heavier by the end of the month too; don't say I didn't warn you!

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