PlayPennies Loves...Three Bedroom Bungalow

This week PlayPennies Loves...Three Bedroom Bungalow.

If a blog features 'Dear So and So' letters then that's already a stack of points in its favour; I love 'Dear So and So' letters, they invariably make me chuckle and/or have me nodding in agreement.

There's a lovely frank and honest feel about Three Bedroom Bungalow.

Kat, the autor, is an American military wife living, for now, over here in good old Blighty.  Her husband is often away here there and everywhere for work and they have two girls aged seven and four.

Some blogs try to be funny, and try too hard in some instances, whilst others just are.  Some blogs try to impart great philosophy and wisdom, and try too hard in some instances, whilst others just have a way with words.

I just get the feeling that if we met Kat, we'd met a person in physical form who is just the same as her written self; like I said earlier, she just seems honest in what she writes.

My heart sank and, I swear, my heart rate went up when I read The Chair.

When you're faced with losing something incredibly precious, you really do feel physically sick.

My grandfather flew Lancaster Bombers in the Second World War and he gave me the silk scarf, printed on both sides with maps of Europe, they were issued with in case they got shot down over enemy lines.

My eldest son took it to school so it could be part of a WWII display and it was stolen/misplaced/whatever whilst it was there; some 10 years on and I'm still devastated.

Relocating to a different country is always a big deal.

Kat and her family have one more year left in the UK and thoughts are, naturally, turning to whether or not they should/want to extend their stay here or go back to the United States.

Kat wants to stay, her husband is leaning towards going back to America and he will have the final say - if your heart doesn't go out to Kat when you read this post then it must be made of stone.

I particularly enjoyed her musing on whether or not child experts are winging it.

I reckon yes.  In fact, I think we're all winging every day most of the time.  But child experts..?  I like to think they sometimes find themselves sitting in the corner with their jumper pulled over their heads, just hoping everything will all have gone away when they pluck up the courage to peek out just makes ME feel better.

They were just some of the posts that 'spoke' to me over at Three Bedroom Bungalow, why not go and see which ones resonate with you.

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PlayPennies Loves...Three Bedroom Bungalow

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