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bloggerTheLifeAndTimesOfAHouseHusband This week PlayPennies Loves...The Life and Times of a HouseHusband.

Brace yourselves, that's my best advice to you before you go delving off into this Dad Blog!

I do love a good daddy blog - they are few and far between and have this fabulous knack of keeping it real; the Life and Times of a Househusband is no exception and is VERY funny.

'Goonerjamie' describes himself as a 30-something house husband bringing up three monsters.

Reading his posts has just had me giggling away and being grateful that his FML moment was HIS FML moment and not mine!

He's also very graciously offered his dad-experience services to the world for the greater good, if you need some advice over a pint of something cold (and I'm not talking lemonade) then GoonerJamie wants to hear from you.

"You may ask what qualifies me to dish out such far sweeping advice to my fellow brothers in arms. Well firstly I have three children of mixed ages and all of them are in one piece.

Sure, one of them nearly chopped her ring finger off trying to get ice cream out of a tub with a carving knife, and I will freely admit that another took two years to grow bored of being a cat only to become a dog.

I will also hold my hands up to the fact that the youngest is so used to being mis-dressed that he cries when given matching socks."

Move over Clare Raynor, Denise Robinson and the Agony Aunt woman from The Sun newspaper (I only know there IS one because my granddad used to read The Sun and mutter about how 'that woman knows NOTHING!' - I'm not entirely sure what he was doing reading the agony column; DEAR DEIRDRE! I think that was her...) you've got nothing on this guy; you're FIRED.

You should just go and meander through The Life and Times of a HouseHusband for yourself; I guarantee you'll be laughing away and feeling like one of the dad-lads (if you aren't one already) in no time...and that's not a bad thing, CHEERS!

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