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18 July 2010

frugalFamily This week PlayPennies Loves...The Diary Of A Frugal Family!

I don't mind telling you that I'm almost 37 (ha! that looks OLD written down and a bit weird because I only feel 15 most of the time) and I keep reading and hearing about the pensions crisis that's heading our way.

I doubt there'll be a State pension by the time my generation retire, or even if there'll be a retirement age by then! Anyone relying on the State pension will find themselves way below the poverty line and we should be putting 25% of our income aside for those glorious 'twilight' years.

Yeah RIGHT! I'd love to know how most people are supposed to do that! Income, generally, isn't increasing in-line with the rise in cost of living and every week I wonder how on earth, short of selling the kids and living on my own, I can slash my Tesco shopping bill!

So I thought I'd rummage around The Diary Of A Frugal Family to see if I could pick up a few tips and, of course, it fits perfectly with our PlayPennies ethos.

I love reading long musey rambling posts, and I can write them too (oh that's kind to say you hadn't noticed), so I always admire people who seem to be able to say so much without rivalling War and Peace in the process and our Frugal Mum has got it down to a fine art.

I did laugh when I read her thoughts about Handy Manny and how he's not being so smart by doing lots of work for free - very true!

I was taken on a quick trip along memory lane with this Did you used to do this? post - I did, although I'm not sure my mum EVER wore any of my creations...I'm going to ask her!

I rather enjoyed reading through the Cooking with Kids posts. The warped part of my brain instantly wondered what sort of recipies use kids for ingredients; the dark recesses of my mind can be scary at times and you'll be most relieved to know that it was the children DOING the cooking, rather than being cooked (mind you...tempting when The Teenagers are whirling through the house in a blazes of hormonal glory!).

And I properly laughed-out-loud at some of the comments written down in the Memory Book post, especially this one...

'"My dad's willy stinks!" Said to the woman at the checkout in the supermarket when he broke wind (is there a nicer way to say that) in the queue. He was mortified.'

Sorry Mr Frugal, but I couldn't resist using that little gem to highlight such a funny post! I can feel him being mortified ALL over again *grin*

If you are looking for a quick, light-hearted rummage through someone else's world as they combat the credit crunch with humour and grace then grab the, now, obligatory cup of coffee and chocolate covered Hob Nobs and drop in on the fabulous Frugal Family.

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