PlayPennies Loves...The Coffee Lady

The Coffee Lady This week PlayPennies loves...The Coffee Lady!

There was no contest really, anyone who drops the balls with as much style and flair as I do ccasionally is worthy of loving, in my book...

"My week at work has washed by in a tide of inefficiency. I have sent confident, professional emails saying: "This is the last of the attachments"; followed by emails saying: "Please note the files attached which are additional to the previous list"; followed by emails saying: "Honestly. Just this one more that I found among a load of other stuff. No more. I swear."

The amount of emails I've sent just 30 seconds after the previous one, saying, "I often find it's useful to actually ATTACH the attachement...apologies!" is too hideous contemplate.

And she makes cake (mmmmm....c a k e!) I'm sat here with a cup of coffee and a slice of horse head chocolate cake would go down rather well it!

Not only that, but The Coffee Lady isn't afraid of Mrs Beeton and has the same 'love' for making packed lunches as I do...

"Much as I admire anyone who can cut out carrot flowers and watermelon stars on a daily basis, I am not that woman. Since Eldest started eating lunch at nursery six years ago, I have been lucky to come up with a sandwich every morning. A sandwich filled with ham and stress and early-morning shouting," ...yep, been there, done that, don't ever want to go through it again!

"I'm not at all intimidated by Mrs Beeton, especially since I heard her recipe for a toast sandwich which involved a slice of cold toast between two slices of bread. What was she, a teenaged student?"

Anyone who comes up with a recipe for toast sandwiches is worthy of loving too - is there a Mrs Beeton tribute blog we can follow? - that and crisp sandwiches! You can't beat the soft and crunchy blend of a crisp sandwich!

I've loved musing through this blog. It didn't feel like work at all, more like coffee with...well, The Coffee Lady.

Grab a cup of the black stuff yourself, and maybe a slice of doesn't have to be horse head chocolate cake, and while away an hour or two this afternoon with The Coffee Lady.

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  • The L.
    Well. I don't know what to say. I'd send you some cake, but we ate it all. Sorry.

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