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This week  I'm loving Tattie Weasle.

I swear if I didn't know better I'd say either me, my mum, my daughter or my cousin wrote it - the tone of voice and the turns of phrase are so US!

Tattie Weasle has recently discovered the joys of kids trying to master the art of joke-telling and getting it somewhat wrong; all of my children made up jokes (my youngest still does) and, I'll be honest, they were RUBBISH - the kids, of course, thought they were the funniest jokes ever to have been told since the dawn of stand-up comedy.

I was also glad to discover that her mind goes into crazy overdrive when her husband is seriously late home; that didn't come out right! What I meant I was, I'm glad to have found I'm not alone in this - my husband and are, for various reasons, currently spending up to 14 weeks at a time on opposite sides of the world.

We 'chat' throughout the day via whatsapp, iMessage (when whatsapp falls over) and Skype; we know roughly where both are at any given time and when it's normal for there to be radio silence and when it's not.  When it's not, and the clock has ticked past the 'reasonable amount of time during which you can stay relatively calm', it's horrible.  Tattie Weasle, I know exactly how you feel!

I was properly amused by the chicken and egg in the airing cupboard mystery, I can just imagine the perplexed look, upon discovery, on Tattie Weasle's face!  It also reminded me of a story  friend of mine told me (Tattie Weasle keeps chickens and had put on in the airing cupboard to warm up, as it wasn't looking too well): he's a sheep farmer and has the stereotypical country kitchen complete with Aga; the bottom oven of an Aga, in case you didn't know, is more of a warming oven rather than a cooking one.

Early one morning during lambing season he came across a very poorly, and cold, little baby lamb; he wrapped it up, took it home and put it IN the bottom Aga oven (door open) to warm up. A friend dropped in a while later and was stunned when he heard this tiny bleating coming from the oven!

Anyway, I digress.

If I had to pick a favourite post that had me laugh out loud for real and nodding with that nod that says 'Yep! I KNOW!!  What IS that about!!?" then it's this one - A matter of great weight.  It's short, it's sweet and if you only have time to read just one of the post that I've highlighted for you, make it this one; you'll be nodding too, I guarantee it.

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PlayPennies Loves...Tattie Weasle

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