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8 August 2010

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I love London. I am a former London commuter and have been peak-time rail travel free for 18 years now; although, I still switch up a gear and find myself unconsciously doing the 'London run' as soon my feet hit the platform at any London station (The London Run - rushing from A to B as fast as you can...even if you aren't actually in a rush!).

But much as I love London, I love living out 'in the sticks' more.  I get the best of both worlds - jump on the train for 45 minutes, arrive in Town and  indulge in a bit of 'London running', then leave it behind to come back to clean air and roads that have hedges on either side with just the occasional tractor bumbling along them and maybe a horse or two.

Suburban Mummy UK is discovering the joys of rural life after London with her husband and their two children.

...I am surrounded by village folk who ring my door bell early in the mornings with bowls of strawberries and offers to look after the kids or run to the shops for me.

Of course a lot of this goes with being the new person in a village and them wanting to see us. I grew up in Devon someone new moving into the town/village is like some towns finding unexploded bombs, the excitement is almost unbearable.

Eliza came first, followed by Jermiah and they are chalk and cheese - you have to love a young lad who knows how to keep a house clean and a girl who couldn't care less!

I have lots of favourite posts but the one that can lay claim to the number one slot is the HUGE rambling post.  It's not huge and rambling, compared to some I've read in other places, but it does come with a warning: do NOT read this and eat or drink anything at the same time, I did and ended spraying coffee over the desk with laughter that I just couldn't control...

Eliza LOVES spiders or mr skinny legs as she calls them,  I however couldn’t even enter her room because if I did it would surely run at me and cause death.

But I have kids, and they have no idea of the fear gripping me. I had to go help look for Mr. Skinny legs who has bloody run away and hopefully died a painful death.

Then there was a daddy long legs by the stairs and my husband bless him, but he was a total twat and tried to pick it up with a FORK!

Pay a visit to Suburban Mummy UK and get to know the family for yourself - but don't forget to take your shoes off at the front door, it's only polite.

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