PlayPennies Loves...'Sleep Is For The Weak'

13 June 2010

sleepDeprived This week, PlayPennies loves...'Sleep Is For The Weak'.

HA! I've been living by THAT motto for the last 16 years of my motherhood life, and there were a few weekends that followed that mantra during my clubbing days too, but the less said about those the better!

So in my usual pick-a-blog-based-on-its-title selection criteria, when I saw THIS one I had to dive straight on in and I'm VERY glad I did.  I've been up since 4.20am (sleep is for the weak remember!) and by the time it came to make a final blog choice there really was just one outright winner - if nothing else for the sheer entertainment value of watching Josie, the author, eat Frazzles with her feet; internet viral notoriety is surely headed her way for that or possibly just something viral if she hadn't washed her feet beforehand...

I knew I'd found a kindred spirit when I read the list of reasons why Josie has, and I quote (hope this doesn't infringe the scary copyright notice at the bottom right of the screen...I'm going to have find my own suitable banner picture now *sigh*),

"...spectacularly failed to be a grown-up, a responsible human being, or even remotely sensible."

Within this incredibly witty blog which well, 'zany' comes to mind but that's not really the word I'm after; bubbly? No, that's not it either...LIVELY!

Within this incredibly witty blog which is lively and outgoing, there are moments of calm and posts that will move you, like this one.

I'm smitten with 'Sleep Is For The Weak'; I love everything about it, I love Josie's open approach, I love her tone, her wit, even the fact that she can draw better than me.

The layout is easy, the content is great and the photo journal is pretty fabulous too; all in all a great read and the perfect way to while away a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

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PlayPennies Loves...Not Such A Yummy Mummy

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