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singleparentdad3 This week PlayPennies Loves...Single Parent Dad.

There's no denying it, mummy bloggers outnumber the daddy bloggers - so in a bid to address the balance, this week PlayPennies Loves a daddy blogger.

Our dad was widowed, aged just 32, in 2005 when his wife Samantha died suddenly from heart problems, leaving him to care for single-handedly for Max who was just a baby at the time...

"Since then we have been carving a new life, including building a new home, and me forging a new career. By day I am a freelance writer, blogger, copywriter. At any other time, I'm trying to be a superhero dad..." was at this point I knew I couldn't leave, it was also at this point I reached for the tissues (I'd learned from last week!)

Then I put them away again as this isn't a blog which induces tears; posts like this with their tales of bedtime stories and walking home from BBQs hand-in-hand, leave you feeling warm inside and with a big grin on your face.

On 23 May we loved Dan the dad blogger from All That Comes With It who was taking part in a 6-day walk along the length of Hadrian's Wall in aid of the Joseph Salmon Trust.

By pure coincidence our single dad is ALSO walking this walk (small world and all that!)  with Dan and the rest of the crew - in fact, they'll be walking right now! Actually, as it's lunchtime it's more likely they'll be in a pub somewhere but either way, I wish them all the best and look forward to reading all about their exploits when they return.

Of course, walking the 84 miles along the wall does mean being away from Max for six days, the best way to approach this time apart is something our dad of the day wrestled and grappled with.

So I was happily rummaging through lots of posts when WHAM! I got well and truly struck in the heart with emotion as a result of the entry titled I'm in so much trouble; now, what did I do with those tissues? Dammit, I was doing SO well!

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  • Lynley O.
    How can you say you didn't need the tissues! This was even more a blub fest than the last one. I totally bawled at this, the most sadly beautiful post I've ever read

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