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13 March 2011

redTedArt This week PlayPennies Loves...Red Ted Art.

Red Ted Art is no stranger to PlayPennies as she often pops up in guest posts here and there, but we've never featured HER blog before; time to put that right methinks.

Before I start I think it's only fair to warn you that you'll want to spend the rest of the afternoon being all creative for Mother's Day (3 April) and Easter (24 April), so I hope you've got lots of things you can get crafty with or be prepared for an emergency dash to somewhere like Hobby Craft!

This Easter Egg Blowing post brought back some memories; I remember doing something very similar to this when I was a little girl at infants school.

I remember all sorts of emotions being attached to it - tension as you were blowing the egg, would it break? Would it be ok? Would you pass out because you'd blown SO hard and were beginning to see stars?!

Then came patience, waiting for the egg to dry and ALL followed by calm and the absolute concentration that came with decorating it - I want to go and experience this as a grown up now!

There's a whole section of arty-crafty things you can do with little kids HERE and lots of other projects you can tackle right throughout the blog - use the categories search facility if you have something in mind that you'd like to look for  (it's  on the right hand side of every page apart from the home page) and you'll come across various ideas for Card Making for example.

Red Ted Art is a treasure trove of things to do - I'd go over there and start stacking up on ideas to keep your little ones amused over the looming Easter holidays.

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