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bloggerPatchOfPuddles This week PlayPennies Loves...Patch of Puddles.

It's rare to come across a blogger who's prepared to share their heart, soul and family with you as much as Merry does.  This isn't to say that her blog pages are full of too-much-information - they're not - but whether you pay Patch of Puddles a fleeting visit, or get sucked into it like I did, you'll come away feeling you've known the family for years.

This has to be about the most comprehensive 'About Us' page I've ever come across on a blog; if you start here I can, pretty much, guarantee you won't be able to leave without reading more first.

Merry's posts about losing her son 11 days after he was born last year are honest and heartbreaking - I'm not one to shy away from other people's tragedy but there was something about the way Merry speaks about Freddie that made me want to read more about him.

I really don't know if I can explain why - and it most certainly wasn't a morbid exercise - I've been sitting here for a good few minutes trying to pinpoint WHY I felt so compelled to track down the posts in which Merry speaks of him...I can't, you'll just have to read them for yourself to see what I mean.

I can also reveal that Merry is currently 14 weeks pregnant and I KNOW that I won't be able to stop visiting Patch of Puddles now - I have everything, not just fingers, very firmly crossed that everything goes well with this new baby and that we get to read about his, or her, antics for many years to come.

If you've ever wondered about the world of Home Schooling then you'll find lots of insight and useful resources at Patch of Puddles; Merry's daughters are home-schooled and it's something I did with my two teenagers a fair few years ago.

With the other posts I've spoken about being fairly hefty topics - it might seem a little strange that the other main thing I've come away with, from Patch of Puddles, is the overwhelming desire to make JAM!

I've never made jam in my life; never thought about making jam, but now...I WANT TO MAKE JAM!!!

I'm currently out of the country but you can rest assured that as soon as I'm back in the UK I'll be sourcing jam jars and getting all domestic (along with making my first every Christmas cake too!).

One final thing, please don't think that Merry's blog is all about looking back - there are the antics of her four delightful girls to follow too!

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