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bloggerNurtureStore This week PlayPennies loves...NurtureStore.

If you like a blog with lots of ideas and 'how to's' then NurtureStore is going to be a blog for you - there's a TON of ideas here and, probably, not enough school holiday days left to get through even a fair few of them.

This, however, is a good thing because it means that the school holidays are nearly over and for me that's ALWAYS a good thing!

But before we can rejoice in school term normality resuming we have to go through the agony of getting everything ready for a new school year; if you need a bit of help with organising the whole back to school thing then check out this Back to School 101 post.

If the weather is looking lovely and warm back at home in the UK (I'm currently in the middle of winter down in the Southern Hemisphere, so I have no clue what the weather's like for you guys) then there's a rather tasty 'how to make homemade ice lollies and ice cream' for you to get your teeth into, and WOW do they look good!

If you want a model project to 'waste' away an hour or so then how about this 'how to make a junk rocket and lunar landscape'?

Every week NutureStore has a Play Academy Ideas Swap - I don't really need to tell you what it's about as the title speaks for itself, if you ever find yourself short of ideas then this is the place to go to for some inspiration.

If you're looking for something specific to do then just look along the navigation or down the right-hand side for dedicated topics, such as: messy play, garden play, creative play, cooking play and all sorts of others.

There's THAT much to look at, discover and do over at NutureStore that I'd better stop waffling and let you get on over there.


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