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25 July 2010

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You can never be sure what you're going to find when you look at a list of blog titles and chose one to dive into.  Sometimes they're very funny, sometimes they're quite angsty (is that a real word? If not, it is now!), sometimes they're sad and other times they just wallop you round the head and bring everything back into persepective.

So the first post I came across today informed me, in three lines,  that William is very unwell; actually, he's in hospital and it's serious.  As a mother, I can't leave - I want to know what's happened to William and I feel the immediate need to offer support to his mum in reading what she has to say.

Further reading revealed that William is seven and his mum is Ella.  William has FSGS and Nephoric Syndrome, a kidney disorder. The family's journey from pre-diagnosis of FSGS, to diagnosis and present day makes for heart wrenching reading  - if you don't sit there with a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes then you must have a heart of stone.

I was muttering a lot this morning about how the Teenagers have STILL not got the hang of washing up AND putting their things away; how they still haven't brought their washing down - all they have to do is fling it in the utility room!; how they left all the remote controls scattered around the lounge, left Sky on pause and so my mental list of ' and they haven't done...' went on.

These words from Ella pulled me up very short - if all I have to worry about is washing-up not being put away, then I should be thanking my lucky stars not moaning...

"But his childhood is already full of hospitals, sickness, medications, tiredness and missed schooling.

Most people are resilient, not just children, and we all try to cope with what life deals us, it’s just that I don’t want him to have to be resilient.

I just want him to be a child, to have the carefree childhood we had come to take for granted. To have the same opportunities in the future for a normal life. To be healthy. And that is hard to come to terms with as a parent, to know that I cannot fix that for him."

WAIT! STOP! Don't go without reading what Ella has to share - I promise this isn't a blog full of self-pity and wailing! It's packed full of strength and humour when hiding under the duvet seems like the better option; there's joy and daily happiness too.

Go and share the journey with this family - drop them a line to wish them all well, if you feel moved to - you'll walk away not feeling maudlin, or depressed, but with the colours of the world looking brighter than they did before you stopped by Notes From Home.

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