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NotSupermum3 It was the Teenagers' Guide to replacing a toilet roll post that clinched this for me, so this week PlayPennies Loves...Not Supermum

I've found another kindred spirit - one who shares my sarcasm and battles with teenagers and toilet rolls; we have a basket for toilet rolls, the basket in the downstairs loo currently contains four cardboard tubes sans toilet roll sheets wrapped around them!

She also wakes up at 3.30am. I've given in to the 3.30am internal body clock wake-up call and I just get up then now (yes, seriously), this does, however, mean I'm usually in bed by 8.30pm *sigh*

"Dear 3:30am
What is it about you that makes me wake up?  If I wake during the night and can't get back to sleep it's at 3:30am, every time.  It would be fascinating if I wasn't so completely knackered.
Yours, the one with dark circles under her eyes"

The more I read through Not Supermum's blog - the more I like her.  Her teenage daughter is about as subtle as mine!  My daughters dish out some horrible home truths reminded me of a conversation I had with my teenage daughter; I was putting my clothes away, she was lounging on my bed, we were just chatting. Then I realised she'd stopped talking and was staring at me...

"What are you staring at me for?"

"Oh nothin' - I was just wondering what it must be like to have such small boobs...I mean, they really are quite bizarre!"

Yeah, thanks for that.

However, I'll take that over this comment from one of Not Supermum's daughters...

Driving home from school with Tall Daughter.
Tall Daughter: How old do I have to be to learn to drive Mum?
Me: Well, you can take lessons when you're 17.
TD: Good, I really want to learn so that I can take you to bingo.
Me: What? Bingo? I don't go to bingo.
TD: No, but you'll be old when I learn to drive, and that's what old people do.

Go and spend the afternoon with Not Supermum (although I disagree, I think she should drop the 'not') and have a giggle, and maybe a slice of cake with some coffee - well that's what Sunday afternoons are for, right?

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  • notSupermum
    Wow, I'm very flattered, thank you! Love the comment from your daughter - do you think they have a subtlety bypass at that age? I will display my badge with pride :-)
  • Sarah K.
    They must do - it was one of those priceless mother-daughter moments I'll 'treasure' for the rest of my days ;) Sarah x

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