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16 January 2011

nobleSavage This week Playpennies Loves...Noble Savage.

For the first time in a very long time I experienced 'flow' whilst reading a blog.

If you've studied psychology then you'll know what I'm talking about but if you haven't, 'flow' is basically being so immersed, or engrossed, in something that you lose yourself in it and become totally oblivious to your surroundings.

The moment I stepped into this blog, I was completely and utterly swept away with everything there is to read and muse on afterwards.

Here's what the author says about herself...

"I am a writer, feminist, activist, mother of two, wife to my partner of nearly 12 years and a birth and postnatal doula. I am somewhere left of liberal, hold no religious beliefs and am incapable of sharing cheesecake.

Welcome! But bring your own fork."

Her writing  and commentary is intelligent, witty, insightful, informative, entertaining and incredibly interesting; as soon as I've written this little expose I'll be back over to hers to read more of it all...and I'll be taking my own cheesecake.

In no particular order, here are a few of the posts that I really enjoyed:

More than a few posts, some listed above, had me nodding and cheering in agreement; the same may be true for you but, equally, maybe not.

Either way, if you pay a visit to Noble Savage you'll come out feeling:

a) you've gone some way towards putting the world to rights, or

b) at the very least been given food for thought and had a good virtual debate; brill!

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