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daddyCooks This week PlayPennies loves...My Daddy Cooks!

I knew this blog was going to be 'fatal' - I want to go and cook lots of scrummy things now!

Earlier this morning I wrote (or should that be 'ranted') about how I think it's important our kids learn to cook and fend for themselves, so when they leave home they aren't inadequate domestics who rely on someone eles to do it all for them.

Well THIS certainly isn't going to be the case with Archie - the young star of My Daddy Cooks.

This fab' video blog is the brainchild of Nick Coffer (Archie's dad) and you can see them both in action in the kitchen, cooking all sorts of yummy things together.

You know how sometimes similar things keep cropping up in your life, almost as if the universe is repeatedly telling you something because you're just not listening loud enough...?

Earlier this week I watched the movie Julie and Julia - it's a true story all about cooking and blogging, which finally ended up with a book and movie deal as a result.

Then today I stumble across My Daddy Cooks - a blog about cooking which was originally just a side 'thing' and has now become the huge MAIN thing, resulting in TV and radio appearances along with a book deal too.  Tell me you don't LOVE stories like that and dream of them happening to you!

I laughed SO hard at Nick and Archie's disastrous attempt to make their version of South African 'Melktart' - you have to have been to SA and tasted a proper homemade one to really understand this and if you have, or you're 'native', then you'll be giggling away as much as me.

Part of the massive charm is hearing Archie's insightful commentary such as, "Oh burnt it!" and the odd creative culinary outburst documented for us all to see (the slamming down of the cumin jar had me properly laughing out loud).

I want to go and eat poached eggs on muffins now (in fact, I'm going to!) and I want to make scrumptious no-bake chocolate tiffin cake (in fact, I'm going to - thanks Nick, this is going to mean some serious extra work in the gym for me next week!).

Go and discover Nick and Archie for yourself, get inspired to go and create lots of scrummy things in YOUR kitchen this afternoon.

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