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UPDATE - please read this response to Sian To from Mummy-Tips

This week PlayPennies Loves Mummy-Tips.

Normally, with PlayPennies Loves posts, I highlight several posts and ramble on about light and fluffy 'things' - I'm not going to do that today.   Today's PlayPennies Loves is difficult; for many of us it will be impossible to imagine (thankfully) but I want you to read just this one post - it's important and it may just save someone's life.

Black Monday, Tuesday, about post-natal depression and attempted suicide.  Suicide that went wrong, which subsequently enabled everything to come right...

I cannot comprehend the despair that comes with post-natal depression; when your hopes of 'happy families' are anything but and you feel there's no way out of the dark.

Despite greater awareness of this terrible illness, too many people are still struggling and suffering in silence - only when people are brave enough to share their stories can we even begin to relieve those silences through greater understanding and early detection.

If you know suspect someone you know may be suffering from post-natal depression, please (as the author of Mummy-Tips says at the end of her Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday post) reach out to them; if you're worried that person is you then p-l-e-a-s-e talk to someone and ask for help.

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